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This is a vague question. Ill do my best to answer in a few different ways and maybe i will hit on your application.

First off some of the corvette 350s and marine 350s had the water pump that spund backwards so the impeller in the pump is different that the standard 350 pump and you CAN NOT see the difference from the outside.

MOST IMPORTANT!! disconnect battery cables first thing then drain coolant. MAKE SURE ENGINE IS COOLED DOWN. HOT COOLANT CAN BURN SEVERELY!!

STEP 1 On early 350s (with V-belt) you need to loosen tensoner bolt on alternator (top) and stationary bolt on alternator (bottom). push alternator forward to loosen belt and remove it.

On later 350s have serpentine belt. If motor has serpentine belt locate belt tesioner and use tesioner to loosen belt and remove belt. (pay attention to how belt "snakes" through the pullies because you will need to reinstall it the same way).

IF Power Steering PUMP BELT IS INVOLVED. loosten tesioners on powersteering pump and remove the belt. there are many styles of mounting for power steering pumps so you will have to look it over to figure out which way to get the belt off. If powersteerin pump bolts to water pump remove bolts and move pump out of the way.then go to STEP 1.

Remove fan by taking out 4 bolts in front. if vehicle has electric fans disreguard this step. If fan shroud is in the way remove it.

if smog pump bolts to water pump remove bolts and move smog pump out of the way.

remove lower radiato hose (catch coolant in container and dispose of properly)

remove hose that goes from water pump to intake manifold.

the standard Chevy 350 water pump is held on by four bolts. the alternator brackets may bolt to water pump in one form or another. they need to be removed as well. once all accessories connected to water pump have been removed pull four 9/16 head bolts out of pump and pry it off with small bar.

Due to the lack of information in the question the answers here cover a broad base. with a little thought and looking you should be able to peck your way through a water pump removal easily with this bit of answers. Just pay attention and take your time.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a Chevy 350?
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How much time to replace water pump on 1979 Chevy 350?

2 hours

Will a 350 Chevy water pump fit a 4.3?


How do you replace the water pump on a 1996 Chevy Z71 350 pickup?

Remove the water return hose from your 1996 Chevrolet water pump. Remove the water pump belt. Remove the water pump retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new water pump.

Why would water be coming out the top of the water pump on my Chevy 350?

the water pump seal is worn out you need a new water pump

Which way does water flow in water pump on 350 Chevy?

it flows north

How do you replace a fuel pump on an older Chevy 350?

take the fuel tank out of the vehicle. the pump is inside of the tank.

Does a 1994 Chevy 350 have a long or short shaft water pump?

That would be a long shaft water pump.

How do the water pump mounts on a 350 Chevy go on?

water pump will sit on engine with lower radiator hose inlet to the left, make sure you dont have a "long water pump", it wont work, 350 is a "short water pump"

Can you take the water pump off a 350 Chevy and put it on a 454 Chevy big block?

NO it will not work.

How do you find the right water pump for a 350 Chevy?

Take the old one with you.

Which way does the water flow through a 96 model 350 lt1 Chevy water pump?

In a 1996 350 LT1 Chevy model, the water pump pumps water into the heads directly through?æa hose. The water does not flow through the?æinternal water jacket.

Is a fuel pump for a 94 Chevy 350 1500 the same as a fuel pump for a 97 Chevy 350 vortex 1500?


What is the rotation of the nut on a 97 Chevy pickup 350 water pump?

To loosen:counter-clockwise.

Which water pump is in a 1976 Chevy Impala 350 2bbl long or short?


Can you replace a Chevy 350 oil pump without removing the motor?

It's kind of a pain to do, but yes it can be done.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1997 Hyundai Accent GT?

a certified mechanic can do this for $350

How do you replace a belt on a Chevy 350?

Which belt? What year 350?

Is there an oil pump gasket for a Chevy 350?


How do you tell if your water pump is bad on Chevy 350?

The most obvious symtom would be overheating of the engine.

If you put a 350 Chevy engine in a 89 wrangler do you have to replace the stock fuel pump?

No, it should supply sufficient fuel pressure.

What is the torque setting for a 1975 Chevy 350 water pump?

The good book ChevyMy Manual for '67-'87 Chevy Trucks lists the Torque Specs on the small block Chevy v-8 at 30 Ft-lbs for the Water Pump... Peace...

1979 Chevy Corvette 350 5.7l engine Why would coolant leak from the timing chain area?

Check water pump and pump gasket.

How do you remove the water pump for 99 Tahoe with a 350 vortec?

Begin by training the water from your 1999 Chevy Tahoe cooling system. Take the water pump belt off. Disconnect the water pump return hose. Unbolt the water pump. Put the new water pump on and reverse the process.

Can you replace a 305 Chevy in a 1999 silverado for a 350 Chevy?

Yes, you sure can.

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