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Best first step is to purchase an after market repair manual. $20, They have step by step instructions with pictures. I have done this and the bolts holding the pump on, snapped off leaving the broken pieces sticking out of the block. Fortunately, my neighbour has acetylene torches and I was able, after removing coolant in block with shop vac, to heat the area around broken bolts enough to remove them.

OR take it to a shop, get them to give you a price, and let them have headaches.

alright this is relatively simple. and can be done with basic tools

remove the 4 screws holding the pully onto the water pump

then removed the serp belt by loosening the idle pully and then turning the adjustor

there are 4 screws around where the pully was mounted and 2 more that are attached to a bracket that the PS pump attaches to

after you have removed all 6 screws unclamp the hose leading to the firewall from the top of the pump, (follow the metal tube and youll find the hose) and unclamp the lower radiator hose from the pump.

now you just have to snake the pump out and unscrew the metal tube from the top and move it over to the new pump

installation is reverse except put the pully back on the pump before you put the belt back on. after the belt is back on then you have to tighten the bolts on the pully

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a Jeep Cherokee?
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