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It's quite simple, just labor intensive. To begin, open the hatch and take the handle at the very bottom, then use a screwdriver or narrow putty knife, working your way around the bottom and sides to pop off the door panel. Once that's off you will see plastic inside that is stuck to a tar strip. Carefully pull the plastic off taking care not to ript it. If the tar strip comes off don't worry, it can be pushed back on very easily. As you look at the inside top center of your rear door, you will see a silver metal brace held in with 3 Phillips and 2 hex bolts, remove these screws and bolts. Now let's go outside for a minute. Now pop off the wiper, you probably need to get a screw driver underneath and gently lift it up. The wiper sits on a grooved cog. Once the wiper is off, the top piece can be unscrewed, just let the wiper hang down. Now lift the hatch and you can grab the motor to get it out. Don't forget to unplug the unit too, mine was a grey plug. When you put it back together, make sure the weather seal is present so you don't get any leaks. Good luck!

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Q: How do you replace the wiper motor for a 1995 Mercury Villager?
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