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Not sure if it's the same as the 1996 Jeep, but here are it's instructions.

It's pretty easy. To help clarify I'm going to number the buttons 1, 2, and 3 where 1 is the button on the outside, close to the door, and 3 is the button on the inside.

Setting a button:

1.) Hold down the desired button and the LED will start to flash slowly (if it is solid this means that it has already been programmed and you must do a reset to program or select a different button).

2.) Continue to hold the desired button and then hold the garage door opener close to the visor and hold down it's button. You know the visor is programmed when it changes from a slow flash to a fast one.

3.) Release the buttons and test it out.

*** For rolling code garage door openers follow additional steps below***

After you have trained the jeep remote as stated above, you will notice pressing the button you have programed does nothing if you have a rolling code garage door opener.

4.) Press the learn button on your garage door opener (usually only have 30 seconds) and run back to the car and hold the button you programed for 2 seconds and then release. Now, repeat the "press/hold/release" sequence a second time, and, depending on the brand of the garage door opener (or other rolling code equipped device), repeat this sequence a third time to complete the programming.

Resetting the visor controls:

1.) Hold down buttons 1 and 3, for about 15 seconds, until the red LED starts to flash. Remember that this will reset all 3 buttons.

Hope this helps.

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Q: How do you reprogram a garage door opener on a 2000 Grand Jeep Cherokee?
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