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To reset the "CHANGE OIL" light, turn the ignition switch to the "RUN" position with the engine off. Fully depress and release the accelerator pedal three times in five seconds. The light will flash twice and go out.

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Q: How do you reset the Change Oil light on a 2002 Alero?
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What does the low coolant warning display light look like on a 2001 alero?

I have a 2002 alero how do you reset, the coolant light is always on. Thanks, Alero owner

What to do when the service engine soon light comes on - 2002 Oldsmobile Alero The reset button is for oil change tire pressure low Thanks?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

How do you reset change oil light on 2002 Alero?

open fuse box on inside of driver door at the top there is a red button while car is switched on not running press and hold button down for about 10 seconds this should reset it

How do you get at the tail light to replace a brake light bulb on a 2002 Alero?

If you can't get to the back of the light through the trunk, you have to remove the light to change the bulb from the rear.

2002 Avalanche Change oil light will not reset?

Refer to owners manual

How do you reset the oil change meter in 2002 BMW 745i?

You must have the special needed tool to reset the oil indicator light.

How do you reset the oil service light on the 2002 SL500?

vice & oil reset 2002 sl500

2002 landcrusier timing belt light reset 1hz?

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How do you reset the maintenance required light on 2002 Honda element?

You can't reset that light...there is no such thing as a 2002 Honda Element...they didn't come out until 2003.

How do you reset 2002 dodge caravan airbag light?

Once you have repaired the cause of the light, it will reset itself.Once you have repaired the cause of the light, it will reset itself.

Why is your 2002 alero jerkingDo I need a speed sensor?

"Why is your 2002 alero jerkingDo I need a speed sensor?" "Why is your 2002 alero jerkingDo I need a speed sensor?"

How do you reset check engine light on 2002 volkswagen cabrio?

It is very easy to reset the check engine light on a 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio. The negative battery cable can be taken off for one minute and replaced to reset the light.

Where is reset switch located on a 2002 Jeep Wrangler check engine light?

A 2002 Jeep Wrangler does not have a reset switch.

How to Turn off service oil light in a 2002 Saturn?

There is a reset button in the fuse box under the hood on the drivers side. Open fuse box and look for the "reset" button. Turn ignition switch on, hold button in for approx. 10 seconds. If change oil light reset was successful, the oil change light will blink for a few seconds.

How do you reset change oil reminder light on an 2002 toyota rav 4?

To reset the reminder light on a Toyota, you need to turn the ignition key forward without starting the vehicle. You then need to pump the gas peddle 3 times within 10 seconds and it will reset the reminder light.

How do you reset oil change light for Envoy 2002?

On a 2002 Envoy you turn the key to run but don't start it. Then push and release the gas pedal 3 times within 5 seconds. The change engine oil light should blink for 5 seconds meaning you have reset the system. If it doesn't blink for you do the procedure again.

How to change bulb to tag light on 2002 impala?

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How do you reset battery light on 2002 rav4?

There is no reset for the battery light. If the light is on there's a problem with the electrical system and once the problem is repaired the light will automatically go out.

Security- system for Oldsmobile alero 2002?

how do you fix security switch on a 2002 oldsmobile alero

Ford focus 2002 reset a check engine light?

The check engine light on a 2002 Ford Focus can be reset by disconnecting the battery for 1 to 2 minutes. This resets the vehicle's computer and clears the light.

Engine light comes on when misfiringona 2002 Oldsmobile Alero?

It should, yes. That would be normal operation.

How do you change tail light on 2002?

2002 what?

How do you change the backup light bulb in a 2002 deville?

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How to change 2002 Nissan Altima brake light?

how to change a brake light on 2002 Nissan altima

Reset oil light on 2002 Pontiac firebird?

Turn the ignition on in the car and hold down the trip reset button on the dash for about 10 seconds, the change oil light may blink a few times but then go out. All done!