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How do you reset the airbag srs light on the dash of a 1995 BMW 325is?

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2008-07-10 07:07:11

I'm assuming you know why the airbag light came on. (you removed

the seat/steering wheel/other part of the SRS) The light stays on

even after the fault is corrected (ugh) and you have to use a reset

tool. A dealer or service guy who has the tool, can do it in three

minutes flat - but if you don't know why the light came on , they

might insist on doing (and charging for) a diagnostic. Now, if you

work on your car a lot and you want to buy the tool, it's a little

over $100 and the tool will also tell you the fault code so you

know where the problem is. The most common one to use for the BMW

is the Peake R5, but there are cheaper universal ones as well.

Sorry to say this isn't just one of those 'short these two wires

together' solutions, but there you go.

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