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How do you reset the anti theft on a 96 Grand Am?

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How do you reset the anti theft on a 96 Pontiac grand am?

Ok, please follow this very closely. Turn the key on to the on position. Just far enough as to not start your car. You will see anti-theft system flashing. Let it flash for about 10 min. When it quits flashing, remove the key and let it set for about a minute or two. Put the key in the ignitiion and attempt to start. It should work. This worked for me.

2012-03-09 14:39:53
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How do you reset anti theft system in my 96 grand am?

To reset an anti-theft system in the a 1996 Grand Am, you will need to find the box and turn it off and back on. The anti-theft box is usually located under the dashboard.

How do you reset anti theft system on 1995 Buick Roadmaster?

On my 96 wagon , I have to disconnect the battery for about ten minutes to reset the system

How do you reset the anti theft on 96 Nissan Maxima?

You have to put the key in the driver's door lock and turn it to the right.

How do you reset theft system problem for 96 Cadillac Deville Concours?

how do i reset theft problem for 96 caddilac deville concours

How do you reset 96 Pontiac grand am dash cluster?

To reset the dash cluster in a '96 Pontiac Grand Am remove both battery cables for 30 seconds. Wait for the theft lock icon to disappear then turn the car back on. The dash cluster should reset.

Does 96 grand Cherokee anti theft system cut off fuel pump?


WhERE IS THE auto anti theft system located on 96 grand am?

It is located in steering column and is part of ignition lock cylinder.

How do you disable anti theft 96 town car?

car wont turn over and anti-theft light blinks

How do you disable the anti theft system on 96 cadillac sts?

how to dis able the theft system

Where is the fuel reset for 96 grand am se?

GM does not use inertia/reset switches.

Where is the fuel reset for 96 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Jeep does not use inertia/reset switches.

Where is the anti theft located on a 96 skylark?

There is a fuse for it, but I think it's optional equipment.

Is there a mechanics default code to deactivate the theft deterrant feature on a 96 buick skylark?

Are you talking about the anti-theft deterrent for the radio?

Where is the reset button for the Vehicle anti-theft system on a 96 Nissan Sentra under the dash you can't see it you know it should be red or black?

There is no vehicle anti-theft system reset button under the dash on a 96 Nissan Sentra. To reset you need to sit in the car and lock the doors with the driver's side door button. Next, insert and remove the key six times quickly and wait for the hazard lights to flash. Once they flash, insert key again and turn to the acc position. Press a button on the remote and wait for the lights to flash again.

Where is mission 96 on grand theft auto xbox?

its at the brown house with the green garage in the first level

When did the Grand Theft Auto series start?

The first game came out around 1995 or 96 for the PC.

Can you bypass the theft system on 96 sedan deville key will not start the car?

You can disconnect the battery for ten minutes and it will reset

How you disable anti theft alarm manually on Ford Explorer 1996?

how to disconnect the factory alarm system on a 96 ford explorer

What would cause the lights in a 96 Mazda Millenia radio to go out as well as the anti-theft flashing light?

Security system is responding as if the car has been broken into (Which is why the radio is playing like it is dead) You will need to take it to the dealership to reset or replace the computer AND the radio.

Can you deactivate passlock anti-theft system in a 96 Pontiac grand am?

yes you can easily disable this passlock system. simply cut the yellow small wire from ign. switch in the column up by the switch. this is the passlock wire. dealer says it cannot be done, they lie however.

How do you reset the Check Engine light on a 96 Pontiac Grand Am?

Disconnect and reconnect the ground cable from the battery or remove and replace the fuse that controls your computer.

Where is the fuel pump reset switch on a 96 neon sohc?

The 96 Neon sohc does not have a pump reset switch. Some vehicles do have a reset switch for safety in an accident.

How to repair 96 grand am thermostat housing pipe removal?

where is the thermostat in a 96 grand am 2.4 liter engine

Is it possible to remove the theft system on a 96 cavalier?


Where is the fuse for the anti-theft alarm on a 1996 Camry?

look behind the chang box there are a group of fuse their i have a 96 camery and there is a group of fuses behind the change box in the car