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If the radio display reads "code" then simply use theradio preset buttons, enter the code in the correct order, and the radio will unlock. If, however, the radio reads "Err" or "Code Err" It's likely that someone has made several attempts to unlock the radio using incorrect codes. In that case you will need to disconnect and reconnect the negative battery cable. This will reset the radio and allow you to enter your code.

If you lost the code, you may retrieve it from

The code they gave me was 2246, but I had to add an 1 at the end of it to get it to work, so the end of it was 24461. Yours will be different.


-This web site requires you know the serial number for your radio and Navi if applicable. The serial number for the radio can be obtained by holding the preset buttons 1 and 6 then pushing the radio power knob. The Navi serial number is found by locating the sticker on the navi unit where you insert the DVD ROM (on a 2005 Odyssey it is under the drivers eat). The sticker is on the bottom of the unit so use a mirror and a flashlight to read the serial number. Once you have these go to the website above and you are set! Don't bother with a dealership they will not help over the phone and want to charge you or take your navi unit out to get the serial number which is NOT necessary!
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Q: How do you reset the anti theft radio code in a 2004 odyssey when you have the code?
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