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How do you reset the car radio after disconnecting the battery?


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2015-07-16 18:19:29
2015-07-16 18:19:29

Dear Daewoo owner,

You will have to get the code, you may be able to go to a GM dealership or you may find them on the Internet. I run into this problem all the time at my shop if you cannot get GM to do it or find a list of codes contact me and I will email you a copy of the code list.

Radio Codes: 4316 2152 4513 4362 1156 2145 3451 6361 5624 5241 3346 1165 3241 4524 5436

I don't know if those codes work or not--

It's only a 4 digit code with 1-6 as your options--so theres not THAT many variations :) Might sound like a lot but I just started at the top... 1111---1112--1113--1114---1115---1116----1121--- etc

Took me about 15 minutes to get up to 4516 which worked for me



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go to your nearest Vauxhall company and get a code they'll give you to type into the radio bit. most places can do this for free.

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A Hard Reset on a Factory installed Sirius Radio is basically, Disconnecting the battery and reconnecting / should be able to get audio on 184/ then send another Activations signal

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You can reset the computer in your H2 Hummer by disconnecting the ground cable from the battery. Leaves the battery cable disconnected for 10 seconds, and reconnect.

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you can usually reset those by disconnecting the car battery for 15sec or so.

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A memory saver should be installed prior to disconnecting the battery from a vehicle so all of the personalized settings of the car owner will be saved. If this is not done, all radio stations as well as security codes for radio theft program and car alarm will have to be reset. many car owners do not have these codes and have to contact the dealership to gain access to them once they are cleared from the system.

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