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How do you reset the change oil light on a Saturn l 2000?

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If you mean the Saturn L200, the instructions are pretty clear in the owner's manual (look up change oil warning). I don't have the manual with me, so I am going from memory, but I know you take the cover off the fuze box (behind the battery), there is a red reset button. With the key on, but engine off, hold the button down for several seconds. I think the light flashes, then turn the key off and back on. the light should go off. Don't forget to replace the cover. Hope this helps.

2006-08-21 17:25:11
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Q: How do you reset the change oil light on a Saturn l 2000?
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Check the operators manual since different manufacturers have unique ways of resetting the indicator light. For several models, Saturn used a reset button that was inside the fuse panel adjacent to the battery. If you can locate a reset button in that panel, turn the key to the on position but with the engine off, then press and hold the oil reset button for 5 or more seconds until you hear the door chime from inside the vehicle.

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Most OBD2 code scanners give you the option of clearing the code and resetting the MIL.However, if the problem still exists the light will come back on.Repair the problem and the computer should reset the light.

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Have the SRS repaired by a qualified technician and they will reset the light.

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I have a 2000 Olds Silohuette. I just reset the "Change Oil" light by turning the ignition to on(DO NOT START THE VEHICLE), pushing the accelerator down to the floor 6 times, turning the ignition off, and then starting the van. The light did not come on. Hopefully this will help.

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Change the oil and the oil filter, than disconnect the negative side of the battery for 10 seconds than reconnect.

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