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How do you reset the low coolant lighton a 1995 z26 berretta?

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Your low coolant light itself, can not be reset, if it is on, it is working... however, this indicates that the sensor or float inside the coolant tank is either stuck or the fluid is low. You could slap the tank a couple time with your hand to see if it unsticks but be careful not to burn yourself or crack the presured tank with a hard object!

My recomendation is this: **Wait for the car to cool and the presure to go down.** Remove the cap when it is cool. When presure is down and water is cool or warm to the touch, You could do as I have done and vaccume out the tank water with a wet/dry-vac? I did this and put the fluid back later. I put a nylon stalking over and in a funnel to strain out the debris.

Remove the two smaller top return hoses and then the larger bottom hose being carefully to drain enough out of the bottom connection and hose into a container and avoid polluting.

When this is done, there is one screw on top at one end of the tank and two peg legs that go through the frame. lift on the loose end and back on the tank toward the windshield until the two legs pop out. Unplug the wire connector and procede to next step.

Wash out the tank by flushing water through it and letting water and debris come out through the connections until mostly clear. when you turn the tank upsidedown and back over you should hear the float inside moving, if not, then it is time to replace it.

(Testing the float)

While the tank is lose from the car and hoses, plug in the float (wire connection). Stand the tank on end (wire harness is not long enough to allow turning upside-down)

Turn on the ignition without starting the car so that the idiot lights are on only!! Begin moving the tank back and forth listening for the float to move while having someone watch the "Low coolant Light" to see if the light goes on and or off . This is easy to do on your own if you know when the float is in the up or down location. If the light goes on an off ok then the float is good and the debris in the tank was the problem, otherwise replace the float (Switch) in the tank

re-enstall the plastic reservoir in the reverse order.

NOTE** make sure that you have not in-advertantly unpluged either of the vaccume lines on the charcol canister before putting the reservoir back in.

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