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How do you reset the oil change light on a 2002 Chevy?


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2015-07-16 18:10:05
2015-07-16 18:10:05

turn the key to "on", just shy of engaging the starter. push the gas pedal to the floor fully 3 times. If this doesn't cause light to flash and reset turn off key and try again except push gas pedal 4 times. AP Anc AK

If that doesn't work;

With the key off, push and hold in the odometer button, depress the break pedal 10 times then release the odometer button.

Problem solved....


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How do you turn off the change oil light on a Chevysilverado 2002

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See How to Reset the Change Engine Oil Message on page 6-18 of your "Owner's Manual", under Section 6: Service and Appearance Care - Engine Oil...

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You use a scan tool after repairing the cause of the code that turned the light on.

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You must have the special needed tool to reset the oil indicator light.

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