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You mean that darn little wrench light?I don't have experience with that specific model. However, in models of similar years I've had the owners manual will rfer you to the directions to do so. A combination of key in certtain position and radio buttons believe it or not!

See the index or a footnote in manual where it shows a picture of the light and explanation of what it means.

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Mercedes vito 07 model service indicator reset?

How do you reset the service indicator on 2007 Mercedes vito

How do you reset service indicator message on Mercedes Benz E350.?

Go to Click on "MB Workshop Resources" Click on "Reset Service Indicator" Locate the document that applies to your model.

How do you reset the Mercedes clk320 service indicator?

Depends on the model year. Basically, navigate the window display to the service indicator notice. Press and hold the "R" button (on the left side of the instrument cluster) When the window acknowledges that you wish to reset the service interval it will ask you for one push of the "R" button. Push the "R" button once and you should be reset.

How do you reset service indicator Mercedes clk 200?

This question is asked many times by Mercedes Benz owners. There are many examples given in online videos and in chat sites. The answer varies with the model and year of the car. The very best way to achieve this goal is to go to a Mercedes Benz dealer and ask them to do it.

How do you locate and access the indicator canister in a Mercedes Benz E230 1996 model?

I was a Merecedes mechanic. What is an "indicator canister"? Could your question could be made more clearly?

Whch Mercedez automobile was the best one ever made?

1988 Mercedes 300E The 300E is reported to be the best model Mercedes ever built. A 1988 Mercedes 300E can make you feel wealthy. Great acceleration and decent gas mileage. Buy!

What is the make and model of a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG?

Make: Mercedes Benz Model: SLS AMG

Is there an abs light indicator in a toyota highlander 2004 model?

Yes, there is an ABS light indicator in the 2004 Toyota Highlander model.

Where could I get certified Mercedes service and repair in or near Des Moines?

In Urbandale Iowa you'll find the Mercedes-Benz of Des Moines repair shop. They have factory-trained technicians and car mechanics skilled at repairing Mercedes model vehicles.

Why your Mercedes runs a bit lumpy and blows out a lot of smoke?

what model, engine, age, and mileage? it's impossible to answer without that sort of information otherwise, it could be an enormous multitude of reasons

How often should the oil be changed in a BMW?

You didn't say what year or model BMW. The service intervals vary a huge amount between models a years. BMW built since the mid-1980s have a service indicator. You should change the oil when the service indicator tells you to. On BMWs that specify synthetic oil, you should change the oil when the indicator counts down to zero or once a year whichever comes first.

What is a high mileage for a diesel car?

I own a 1986 Mercedes 2.5 liter diesel. It has 296,000 miles onit . Runs strong, pulls like a tractor, and drives like a violin. Recently a taxi driver from Greece gave up his 1970´s model 240D with 2.5 million miles on it to the Mercedes museum upon their special request. It was the highest mileage Mercedes that the company had heard of. On average 200,000 miles is just breaking in for a diesel.

Does another Mercedes model front bumper fix in a 1987 Mercedes 190?

== ==

What is SL on the Mercedes?

Sl is a sports model in Mercedes its very polulor and expensive >>>...

What is model of ac unit in 2002 Mercedes clk320?

huh? its a Mercedes ain't it?

How do you re set service indicator on a Mercedes S class?

The following instructions are for the 2000 - 2006 model years of Mercedes Benz S-class vehicles.1. With the doors closed and foot off the brake, turn the ignition to the "ON" position but do not start the engine.2. Navigate the heads-up display to the odometer display so it shows cumulative and trip mileage.3. Press the steering wheel's UP arrow so the "Service Due" warning is shown.4. Press the ® (Reset) button at the right of the dashboard then release it when5. The display shows the question "Do you want to reset the Service Interval? If so, press ® again."6. Press and hold ® for 3 seconds or until the next desired service interval is displayed.7. Turn off the ignition and remove the key.8. Celebrate; you have done it!

What model of the Mercedes line is the most expensive?

The most expensive model of Mercedes is the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG which was produced since 2010 and is a top luxury car. It is mostly sold in the USA.

Value your Toyota cynos?

Depends on model year, condition, mileage, and options. All things you did not list.Depends on model year, condition, mileage, and options. All things you did not list.

1998 Sunfire warning lights what do they mean?

Dependent on your model and options, you should have;Low Traction IndicatorLow Coolant IndicatorOil Pressure IndicatorUpshift Indicator (Manual Transmission only)Volts IndicatorAir Bag IndicatorCheck Gauges IndicatorABS IndicatorCheck Oil IndicatorFriPilot

How much to fill in gas my 1992 Mercedes Benz gas tank?

You failed to list the model Mercedes Benz so it is impossible to answer the question. Mercedes makes more than one model of vehicle.

Where can I view the Mercedes e350?

The link to the Mercedes Benz C350 is Pretty nice looking car if I do say so myself.

How many cylinders are there in a 1988 Mercedes 115?

Mercedes Benz did not manufacture a model with that designation in 1988.

What service does your Mercedes Benz 2003 e320 need when D service is displayed?

Mercedes used to have A and B services (A was simple oil change, B was a more comprehensive inspection), but starting around the time of the current E class models the service indicator now goes to C, D, E and beyond as the miles increase. I had a D service done on my E320 at around 50K miles - which was an oil change and basic inspection (like the old A service). The dealer probably has a list of services required by code. The most expensive routine thing to change are the brakes - seem to wear very quickly on most mercedes, but especially this model - and are not cheap to replace - also not easy to do outside the dealer's shop - since you need to disconnect the electronic braking system to change pads and rotors.

What is the gas mileage for a 1996 Saturn?

Which model Saturn?

Gas mileage for Ford Model T?