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Go to auto zone and have the codes read for free.

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Q: How do you reset the service reminder indicator light on a 2002 Corolla?
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Can a ae111 corolla indicator light work on a bzr levin?

It's the same car, so yeah the indicator light will work.

How do you turn the service light off?

Mercedes vito Service Reminder Reset

How do you reset the service indicator on a Mercedes w212?

When the service indicator light is illuminated, hold down the scroll button. The service display will return to 100 percent and the indicator light will off.

If a 1996 Toyota Corolla service indicator light is on after having the 120000 mile service does this mean there is a problem?

if it says "service engine soon" yes, there is a problem. probably not severe but it should be scanned for engine codes and repaired at the nearest opportunity.

Why is the check engine light on when the scan does not return a code?

It is possible to mistake a Maintanence required light for a Check Engine like. One is a problem indicator, the other is merely a service reminder dummy light. Check your owner's manual to be sure it is not the dummy light.

How do you disable the Service Ride Control warning indicator light for a 2003 Escalade?

how do you disable the service ride control warning indicator light for 2003 escalade

How do you reset the service reminder indicator light on a 2005 range rover hse sport 2.7?

via diagnostic port. Softwear problem on these vehicles stopping use of trip meter button.

What Check engine soon light?

It's normally a reminder that a service is due on your vehicle.

Toyota Avalon - how do you reset engine oil replacement reminder light or service indicator light - also other Toyota models?

Beaverton Toyota, Oregon, provides a list of the steps to reset the service indicators for a variety of Toyota models, also Scion. Go to: How To Reset Maintenance Light ( ) FIND your make and year, and go to the list, thus ... --- "Reset Engine Oil Replacement Reminder Light" --- FIND your model and follow the detailed steps. For 2008 Avalon, the list is at:

What does it mean when the 2003 jeep liberty service required light comes on?

Service required is the oil change reminder. Service engine soon would be the check engine light.

How do you reset the service indicator light 2009 Twingo?

Go get it serviced.

How do you reset service indicator for 2010 ML550?

reset service light on 2010 ml 550

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