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How do you reset the timing on a 4.3 engine?


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2010-11-20 13:59:55
2010-11-20 13:59:55

It depends on what you did and what year. If its a vortec, and you didn't pull the distributor, all you have to do is make sure the marks on the timing gears are lined up and your good to go. The computer does the rest. Some times you have to reset the computer though. If its older, there's a wire under the pass side dash. You have to unplug it. Time the engine with a timing lite, and then plug it back in and the computer takes care of the rest. The wire should be brown and white with a single connector. (If you pulled the distributor on the vortec, you have to take it to a shop and have them put it on the computer).


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how to reset oil timing on 1990 toyota

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It is electronic controlled and requires an OBDII engine scanner to set the timing if it has a distributor. If it don't have 1 then there is NO adjustment for the timing. You did not give the engine size.

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There is no timing belt on the Windstar engine - it is equipped with a timing chain, which requires no routine maintenance. Also, engine timing is controlled by the engine / powertrain computer module. No user intervention required (or even possible).

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Timing belts are replaced, not reset.

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