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1st you have to repalce the timing chaing and gears. Then, you can set the timing correctly.

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Q: How do you restore proper timing to a 355 CI high performance engine once it has jumped time?
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Proper engine maintanace is the only thing that will insure optimal engine performance. Doing some simple things like using a higher octane fuel,and installing high quality air filter will also help your performance.

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It all depends on the engine tunning, if you install a Turbo in a stock B16 or a D16 the engine cant take the Turbo out put, Thus stressing the engine and melting or burning your pistons. Proper engine tunning is needed! Like stronger crank shaft,forged pistons, strong connecting rods, high performance oil and gas pump, high octane gas,and performance cams, to name a few. Proper engine tunning and maintenance can increase the Turbo and engine lifespan.

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