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You can't return it. You can however demand they repair the car under the factory warranty. They are only obligated to repair not replace, or refund your money.

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Q: How do you return a new car purchased-- that has a bad transmission?
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Can you return a used car purchased from a dealer in cash?

Possibly, depends on the dealer. I run a used car dealership, and the only way I would take a car return is if there is a major problem with it. Bad motor, transmission, etc. I wouldn't do it if you just simply changed your mind.

Can you return a car that was purchased yesterday the dealer did not disclose the brakes are bad until after the deal was finalized a used car?

In the UK if a car is unfit for the road not only may you return the car the vendor can be prosecuted

Can i return a car in Ohio after ourchase?

Can i return a purchased car in the state of Ohio and how long do i have to do so

Can you return a car you just purchased?


Can you return a car you recently purchased?

nope too bad sorry. LOL NOW GO PLAY WOW

How to return car after 3 years of purchase?

If you purchased a car, you can't return it after three years but you can sell it. People return cars if they are leased.

How to sell a car with a bad transmission?

nice car

Can you return a vehicle you purchased yesterday and get your trade in car back?

my car has problems

How many days can you return a new car purchased in Florida?

Zero.. there is no return policy

How long do you have to return a car in ND?

If you mean that you purchased a car, had second thoughts and want to return it, there is no grace period in ND or the United States. Once you sign a contract (and verbal contracts between private parties are also legally binding), you are bound by the terms of that contract. The only way you could return the car would be if it falls under your state lemon law or if it was blatantly falsely represented, as in you asked if the transmission was good and the seller affirmed that it was when, in fact, it was bad. Otherwise, you own that car.

How many days do you have to return a car you purchased?

Three days.

Can you return a used car after having it for a few months?

No, you cannot return a used car after having for a few months. In most cases, you cannot return a used car at all once you have purchased it.

Can you trade in a car that has a bad transmission?


Can a bad transmission keep the car from starting?

No. The engine starts the car.

Can you return a new car you just purchased?

No, the car depreciates after you take it off the lot from the dealership.

How do you know if your motor or transmission mounts are bad?

It is important to know the symptoms of a bad car part. The symptoms of a bad motor or transmission mounts are loss the car part, shaking and lots of noise.

You purchased a car last night can you return it today?

No. Buyer Beware.

Can you return a new car purchased 24 hours ago?

Yes, depending on the dealership, you should have a 15-30 day period to return the car.

CAn I return my car 24 hours after purchasing in Kentucky?

To know if a car can be returned 24 hours after it was purchased a person will need to know what car lot it was purchased from. It will depend on what the rules are for the specific car lot.

Car will move in reverse but not drive?

bad transmission

What is the difference between a remanufactured transmission and rebuilding and returning the transmission now in your car?

When your transmission goes bad, you have two options. First option is to give the transmission to your dealer and a get a refurbished (remanufactured) transmission in return. Second option is to get your transmission repaired (it would be taken apart and the defective parts repaired/replaced). This is called transmission re-build.

How do you detect a bad transmission?

You can detect a bad transmission using a diagnostic computer provided by the car's manufacturer or the car dealer. You can also detect this problem when the car fails to shift correctly or does not shift into a gear at all.

How long do you have to return a car to the dealer in Oregon?

Once a car is purchased you can not return it to the dealer in Oregon. However if the car has serious mechanical defects it may be returned under the Lemon Law

What do you do if you purchased a car 'as is' and within one month the transmission is gone?

If you purchased it as is, you are probably out of luck. Unless your state has a "lemon" law. Check with your Attorney General's office. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at If the transmission is replaced or repaired it will be at your expense, because it was sold to you "as is". Answer check: 1.) if this car had recalls on the transmission, 2.) original warranty on the car 3.) rebuilt transmission warranty, from previous owner

How long do you have to return a newly purchased car in the state of Texas?

about 1 month