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How do you say sorry to her?

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It definitely helps if you know what you are apologizing for. Most women don't like for you to apologize if you don't even know why. Just be straight with her and say that you are sorry for (insert problem here). Depending on how bad the problem was, you may need to give her some time to cool off about the issue before you apologize. Tell her you've been thinking about what she said and that you realized she was right and you are sorry for whatever it was that did (but make sure you point out what that was!) If you were completely right and she was completely wrong, you don't have to apologize to her for that. But it is nice if you apologize for the problem escalating so much if it did.

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How do you say sorry to your friends?

say you are deaply sorry to them

How do you say sorry to mr. resetti on animal crossing?

If he wants you to say sorry, then you can. You can say either "Really Sorry" or "Very Sorry".

How do you say sorry to your mother?

fisrt you say sorry for wat you did next before you say sorry have a present really for her be sure to include what you did wrong when you say sorry doneeee!!!!!!!!!

How do you say sorry in yiddish?

Novigosh is how you say sorry in yiddush.

Can you say the world sorry?

Sorry, no

How do uy say sorry in spanish?

Perdón would be the best way to say "sorry" in Spanish.If you wanted to say "I am sorry" then you would say Lo siento.

How to say sorry for cursing?

you can say sorry for my langauage or i opaligize for it. simple as that.

Can you say sorry to god?

You can say sorry to anyone or anything you wish.

How do you say sorry for your one and only love?

just say sorry

How do you say sorry in Samoan?

fa'amagaloFaamagalo is the word for "forgiveness". To say sorry is to say "Fa'amalie atu".Sorry/My apologies = Fa'amalie atu.

How do you say sorry to a boy?

About the same way you would say you're sorry to anyone. Look them in the eyes and say you're sorry, and mean it.

Can you say I am sorry?

Sure- just go up and say "I'm sorry."

When to say sorry?

Say Sorry when you really see pain in the person's eyes

How do you say sorry in dutch?

You can say "sorry" in dutch too, or "het spijt me".

How do you say sorry in hmong?

im sorry

Which color is used to say sorry?

There is no particular colour to say you are sorry and it is far better to face the person and tell them you are sorry.

How do you say Im sorry in Spanish?


How do you say no to a guy after he's asked you out?

You say sorry but i just want to be friends. Or sorry but no.

How do you say sorry in Myanmar?

sorry in burmese: This is how you say: tawn pan par tal

Does the man have to say sorry to the woman first?

the man does have to say sorry to the woman first

How do you say sorry to your friend?

buy your friend something and say your really sorry and say what you did wrong and why you did it and lastly how you upset them.

How the gay say sorry to his partner?

"I'm sorry!"

How do you say sorry in Swedish?

"Sorry" in Swedish is "förlåt".

How do you say 'sorry' in Afrikaans?


How do you say 'sorry' in Korean?