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Selling an Old CarYou can offer your car directly to auto wrecking yards. Create a flyer listing what is desireable about your truck and fax or deliver it to wrecking yards. Tell them you are accepting bids and give them a time and day to respond. The salvage value could be $500-600. They will come tow it away.

You could also donate it if you itemize your taxes and can use the write off.

There are a few States that offer vehicle retirement programs Ca, & NJ, I know offer this program. Check the dmv web site & then look under the smog section. Ca offers $1000 to retire your vehicle. There are a few restrictions though.

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Craigslist or ebay. Take a few good photos, write an accurate description, BE HONEST, and someone will buy your car knowing fully well what's wrong with it. They may be set up to either repair it, or have a similar car and use yours for parts. This is a much better alternative than a salvage yard, because a private owner will almost always be willing to pay more than a junkyard whose offer is based more or less on current scrap metal price. Again, be honest and there is nothing to be embarrassed about when advertising it.

If It's really on its last legs than you can sell it for parts and you might make more money.

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Q: How do you sell a car on its last legs?
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Because you will be required to have it released if and when you sell the car.Because you will be required to have it released if and when you sell the car.Because you will be required to have it released if and when you sell the car.Because you will be required to have it released if and when you sell the car.

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