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just like you do with an American cell phone.


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by new pic message. when u hit new text message u should have 3 option(sp) pick the new pic message

a text message on a cell phone means someone texting another person

The SMS messaging system connects your message to a another cell phone via the phone number and transmits the text data via satellite.

you simply type your message and enter the phone number of the person you want to send the message to.

If it's from another phone - it will usually display the number of the phone that sent the message. If from a computer, it'll probably just display the URL address (for example

Message in a Cell Phone - 2000 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG USA:PG

Yea, Because u can go on there phone and delete text message hue due

You cannot I monitor another cell phone without targetting that cell phone to monitor the phone.

when the disconnected cell phone turns on then it will have the message (text) in it.

The easiest way is 2 add it 2 your contacts, and then just send it via SMS message. Good Luck! ~Kevin -_-

mobile cell phone all circuits are busy message

Your text messages can unintentionally get forwarded if you hit the buttons in your pocket.

You will need another AT&T cell phone are a compatible GSM cell phone.

it saves your message from unintentional delete

Multimedia Message - has pictures, videos, or music in the message

A cell phone toy allows the parent to record a message on the cell phone, and the child gets to play the message back. These toy phones can be bought at places like ToysRus, or on the internet like Amazon.

An SMS Message in relation to a cell phone is a particular software that sends out short handed messages to another cell phone with limited character capabilities. This is an easy way of "text messaging"

You simply go to the message and then click delete.

The same way a phone call is transmitted, through the cell towers.

Yes a cell phone is a radio Another answer: A cell phone is a transmitting and receiving radio.

by calling the indians on his cell phone

go to menu messaging create message type your message and send it

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