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How do you set the clock for a 1984 Bose corvette stereo?

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With the ignition on, turn off the radio and it should display just the clock.

  • Now press the "Set" button once.
  • Then press the "Scan" button repeatedly to change the hours display.
  • Then press the "Seek" button repeatedly to change the minutes display
  • Press the "Set" button again

You're all set !!

2010-04-09 01:06:22
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On 1984-1989 Corvette, the dash top grilles only housed speakers if the car was not fitted with Bose stereo, about 10% of production. TOM

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The mitsubishi eclipse has never had a bose stereo your 01 gs came with an infinity stereo, if your car does have one it is because it is aftermarket. To remove it you simply take the 2 screws at the bottom of the face plate that covers the heating and radio then remove the 2 or four depending how big your stereo is and pull it out.

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Disconnect your battery, reconnect, voila.

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Can any stereo fit a 1995 Mazda Millenia?

Depends. Do you have the stock radio now? And if it is the stock radio - is it the Bose stereo? If it is the Bose system - you will need a special adapter to fit an aftermarket radio to a Bose speaker and amplifier system. Around $50.00 bucks or so and allows you to adjust the signal from the aftermarket stereo to work with the Bose speakers and amp. That is in addition to the regular harness adapter (~$15.) and the antenna adapter as well ~$7. All this if the stock Bose speakers and amp are to be kept stock. If NOT the Bose system it is easier, just the harness adapter and antenna adapter. This is not including in either case the DIN adapter that will allow a typical aftermarket unit to fit in a Mazda dash. I have done it myself, with a Bose system, Do Not Let the Best Buy People tell you it cannot be done !

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you can if you install the Bose amp also, just the radio swap will result in no sound.


I am personally not the biggest fan of Bose, their products are pretty expensive, but the quality is great. If you are looking for a home stereo receiver, then I recommend Pioneer.