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Setting the Factory Clock
  • Press and hold CLK to set the clock.
  • Press the SEEK to increase or decrease hours.
  • Press the TUNE to increase or decrease minutes.

Press and hold the clk button and change the hour and the minutes with the tune button!

Radio MUST be turned ON. Press the RDS button located on right side. When "Select Hour" or "Select Min" shows up on display, change with scan or tune button. Took me 4-ever to figure that one out.

Mine is the combo radio-cassette player circa 1992.

Turn on the ignition and turn on the radio.

Press and hold the clock button.

Click the left Seek button for the hour and click the right seek button for the minute.

When the hour and minute are correct let go and its done

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Q: How do you set the clock on the radio sound system in 1991 through 2005 Ford Explorer all models?
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