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Referring to the picture from #2) STOP THROTTLE SCREW SCREW

Simply take off the air cleaner unit and adjust the the idle speed according by tightening/loosening the screw with a flat head screwdriver to your preferred idle level. Tightening the screw widens the gap and increases the idle speed...loosening it shortens the throttle and decreases the idle speed.

I would suggest not to mess with the fast idle screw because i think that's an important feature of a carbuerated car to idle high at first in the cold...Its the best indication of knowing when your engine is warmed up because when you tap the gas pedal the car idles back to normal. Now if you set the car idle to 1500 or might prematurely think your car engine is warm...and that's not good on the carb or the cold engine. Plus you want the right amount of fuel/air mixture. Too rich/too lean and your losing gas mileage.

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Q: How do you set the idle on a 1988 Honda Accord DX?
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The Honda Accord 4-cylinders are electronically limited to 7,000rpms and the governor is set for 120mph. On the V6 Accords, the electronic limiter is 7,000 and the governor is 140mph.

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