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There should be a sticker under the hood that tells you. If you've got a 3 cylinder, it's a 1.0. The 1.3 is a four cylinder. If you can't find the spec, call Autozone and they can tell you. computer controlled not adjustable

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Q: How do you set the ignition timing on a 1996 Geo Metro 3-cylinder 1.3 and what specs should it be set at?
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In the ignition system of a 93 Geo Metro 1.0 where should the dwell on the points be set?

electronic ignition on the 93, no controll. just set your timing.

How do you set timing on 1998 3cylinder metro?

easy you buy a light and a book and follow the instructions!!.the book is only like 10 dollars at you local auto store

How do you set the ignition timing on a 2000 Geo Metro?

Turn the distributer to the right very slightly

What year did the geo prism use a 3 cylinder engine?

The Geo Metro was the only Geo to have a 3cylinder engine.

How do you set the ignition timing on a 1998 Geo Metro 3-cylinder?

Probably computer controlled and not adjustable

1999 Metro LSI with 56K miles when should you replace the timing belt?

when it brakes

Do you have video on adjusting timing on a 1996 geo metro?

can someone tell me how to adjust timing on a geo metro 1996

How do you line up the timing marks 91 geo metro?

need to know how to set the timing marks on a 1993 Geo Metro?

Timing marks for a 1993 Geo Metro?

The timing marks on a 1993 Geo Metro are located on the on the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets. They must be aligned together to ensure proper initial timing.

Where are the timing marks for 1990 Geo Metro?

There should be a mark on your crankshaft pulley and several marks on the lower timing cover. You may have to clean them off in order to see them.

Where are the hot wires on a Geo Metro ignition?

im assuming your looking for hot wires on the coil. They should be two wires of the coil

Where are Timing marks for 1.3 liter metro?

i need timeing marks for a 1999 1.3 chevy metro

Where can you buy an ignition switch for a 1997 Geo Metro?

How to remove the ignition switch from a 1996 Geo Metro?


How do you test a Geo Metro 1995 ignition coil?

A 1995 Geo Metro ignition coil is tested by measuring the resistance across the coil. If it exceeds the manufacturer's recommendation, it must be replaced.

Does a 2001 Chevy Metro have a timing chain or belt?

Chevy Metro 2001 (1.3 L) has a timing belt - hard driving conditions require its replacement at 60,000 miles, otherwise the timing belt replacement is scheduled for 100,000 miles.

What is the timing setting for a 91 Geo Metro?

-6 degrees BTDC

What is the timing for a 1988 Chevy metro?

The ignition timing for a 1989 Geo Metro 1.0L engine is 12 degrees BTDC. (Note, first production year for the Geo Metro was 1989 rather than 1988). In 1988 Chevy did produce the Sprint model ... in which case the timing would be as follows: With 2bbl carb: 6 degrees BTDC for automatic transmission models; 10 degrees BTDC for manual trans models. With fuel injection: 12 degrees BTDC Additional info: Distributor rotation is counter-clockwise; firing order is 1-3-2

Where is the Geo Metro 1997 coil ignition placed?

Firewall Drivers Side

Which timing mark do you use to set timing belt on a 1998 metro cam sprocket has two marks. engine is 1.3 liter?

On my 2000 Metro with a 1.3L the mark and slot marked with the "E" are used.

Where to buy 3 cylinder timing belt cover for a Geo Metro?


Set timing Geo Metro 1992?

my book says 5 degrees BTDC

How do you set the timing in a 1995 Geo Metro 1.0?

The related link shows in detail

Why does the 15 amp ignition fuse keep on breaking on my 2000 Chevy Metro?

Well the thing is That the car Cranks but I does not start or turn over. I traced it to the 15 amp ignition fuse in the dash fuse box which was broken. I replaced the bad fuse and the Metro started but with in 2 minutes the fuse broke again. I have no clues I have found plenty of clues on -ine but but no answers.Thanks,Metro Owner.Answerbecause a Chevy metro has a 30 amp ignition system. It indicates 15 AMPS on the Fuse Panel!!

Where is the ignition fuse on a 1992 Geo Metro?

in the fuse panel on left side of engine bay