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How do you show dominance to a dog so they know you are leader?


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The idea of dominance is a much abused and misused one. Leadership is a more descriptive term. Leadership is established by control of resources, control of behavior, and stewardship. A common misconception is that one must eat first or go through doors first or hold one's head higher than a dog in order to rank above it. It isn't who goes through the door first that matters, but who DECIDES who goes through the door first. (That's control of behavior.) Violence is not necessary to establish pack leadership. In fact, it is counter productive because it shows the dog that the biggest bully wins. Use your innate advantages to establish your position in the pack, ie your intelligence and your pocket book. See links below. =Other contributors have said:= * Make them sit before you let them go outside or back in. * YOU go in a door way first, dog second. * Make them wait before eating. Take a treat away from him while he is eating it. Then give it back. * Walk on leash. You are in control. Don't let the dog pull you where he wants to go.