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How do you start a 97 eldorado when the starter is badwhen you have to move it?


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First off, check the starter and make sure its bad. If it is, replace it. Secondly, make sure the battery just isn't a bit drained, if the battery doesn't have the juice it won't work right. Jump it! The follow two tips are not the best ways, but if you are stuck without being able to repair where its at, try these. BE SAFE! If a automatic, have someone hit the starter, while someone tries to start the car. Yes, I said hit the starter with something like a tire iron. Hit it like your hammering in a small nail, don't swing. Make sure you have it in park and the emergency break on, BE CAREFUL under the car. Things get hot and there are lots of moving parts to get hung up in ect... BE CAREFUL. If it is a manual transmission here is what you can do: If you are able to push the vehicle a distance (I'd get help) you can start it. If you push it forward put it into 1st gear(if backwards; reverse), press in the clutch, turn the key to "on", and push the car forward. Get some momentium (even a little will work), and as you pop the clutch out turn the key to start. You might have to try it a few times, but the transmission will turn the engine when you pop the clutch. This mimics a starter (kinda). Don't do this too much as it will wear your clutch and the trans. Good luck.