How do you start over after an abusive relationship?

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First thing to do is to Start. There is plenty of help out there and people who will help you see it through. Follow the advice, step by step, and don't rethink every decision. I found my way out and you can, too! A year or two out of the situation you will find yourself afloat and content.

You don't need to figure it all out ahead of time, just keep moving forward. You cannot fix the past, but you sure can affect your future.

The best book I found: The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patricia Evans.

I can relate to all of this as I read everyone's story of abuse and not being treated well.
Let's just say to make this short and sweet - the first day that my so called love of my life laid a hand on me physically by punching me in the stomach not long after our son was born from a c-section, I knew that it was going to be downhill if I did not get out of this horrible situation.
After almost a year of feeling sorry for myself, putting myself down, thinking what did I do to deserve this etc, I woke up and started to do all the great things that are mentioned below.
I went to counseling and found out that I was codependent due to my childhood.
I started to find my spiritual side and found God. I find time for myself by working out and eating healthy. I spend quality time with my son. I work full time and have always had my head on straight with my career. I am building a future so I truly can rely on myself. I am going back to school to get a third degree to secure my future for myself and my son. I can tell you what helped me when I went through the rough patches as I know there will many upon the healing process for all of you STRONG WOMEN out there. One thing I can emphasize here is that if you dig deep enough - you will find that you are STRONG and can do anything you put your heart and soul into. You just have to have the courage and confidence to believe that you can change all of this but it really is up to you to do so. Some great books to read as you go through your journey of change/love of self:
Ditch That Jerk - Dealing with Men Who Control and Hurt Women. (I know - funny title but really is sincere with what the author has to say) Pamela Jayne, MA
Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men - Lundy Bancroft
In summary - I want to tell you STRONG WOMEN out there and yes - you are all STRONG WOMEN no matter what your situation - that you can make your lives a better, more confident and safe,happy place for YOU and YOUR CHILDREN.
God bless and hope you find peace in my suggestions! You can do it! :)

In the aftermath of abuse, finding a job is the least of your problem. The first - and most crucial - task is emotional healing.
How do you start over? How do you leave, take care of yourself and your kids? How do you abandon a life and a world you know well?
It is not easy. But you will die emotionally or be physically abused if you stay. Your children are not blind, and they are in as much pain as you are. You all need to be safe, and to experience new ways of solving problems and relating to others. Chances are that they are already showing signs of the trauma of your relationship.
So you have choice, and it is up to you to find a safe place. There is an awful lot of description of abuse, of how and why a narcissist works--but not so much on how to deal with it, how to get out and beyond.
One of the interesting things about an abuser is that he sees only his version, his world. If he is self-involved, and not watching you closely, you can get smart, and make plans to leave safely.
Make your life start to count. Find a social agency, a half-way house, talk to a divorce lawyer, get yourself informed. Find out what your legal rights are. Is there money or a chequing account in case you need to take some to survive for a while? Snoop around his life. Is he having an affair, or has he had one? Has he done anything that is a secret? Tax evasion?
Get the evidence. Put all your documents and those of your kids in one place. Get yourself your own credit card and start paying it off so you have some credit. Start your own bank account if you don't have one.
And just keep smiling and crying and doing what you have to, while working hard to make the transition as safe and successful as possible. If you are being physically abused, you do not have much time. If you can, document hospital or doctor visits, and just leave.
How do you start over? You just do.The most important thing is taking care of yourself. And if you have children, getting them out of a bad place.
The hardest thing I had to do was to stop blaming my husband, and look at how I contributed to the disease of the relationship. Why did I allow myself to be so humiliated? Why did I believe him when I knew he was lying? Why was I so in need of his approval and love when he treated me so badly? Why did I not deserve kindness and comfort?
That was the moment when I really started to 'start over'. My kids have seen me move from utter despair to the work in progress which I am now. We share a very different life now--and no one is in pain, we solve problems or at least find understanding, and I have found that there are doors opening that I never knew were there.
It is easy to blame your husband. All that does is make you his victim again. And it is easy to feel it is all your fault, because you have been told that for a long time. In a while you will be able to stand back and see who you were, what you want to change so it never happens again. A good therapist can really help here. And your kids will need someone to talk to as well.
I grieved. I thought the world was at an end. I was hysterical and depressed. I pleaded with him to come back. I was terrified of the world, embarassed, humiliated. It has been a long journey to disconnect the painful parts of myself which allowed me to be part of such a sad dance.
Take yourself off to a bookstore or the library for a day. Read things. Everything. The junky stuff, the psychiatric tomes, anything. Find something that makes sense to you.
Begin by making a little list of small things you can do for yourself which give you pleasure. Everyone tells you to do that. It takes time to actually do it like you mean it. Get your hair done, a massage. Take lots of baths. Get a friend to make you a list of funny movies to watch. Sit down and watch television with your kids.
Call your friends, tell them the truth. Ask for help. It is out there. And stay away from your abuser. Do not contact him, phone him or see him. YOu need time and space to figure things out. If you need to be in touch--use email. It allows you to communicate on your terms, and you can always rewrite and edit your messages.
I know this all sounds like things out of a self-help book--all I am trying to say is that there is no one way to start over except by leaving, really leaving it all behind, by taking responsibilty for yourself and your kids into your own hands and just making life work. You already know how hard it can hurt. Could it be any harder if it was just up to you?
The advice from anonymous was absolutely correct. Email is an excellent way to talk, but realize one thing that when you express your true feelings, he will lash out through email also. But that you can totally control and NOT read if it's too painful. You have a bit of control there. You have to tell them when they try to call that email is better for you and right now, that's all you can give.
I have just left an abuser (every man I have dated, married, etc has been this way). I am now hitting 37 and I still can't figure out why I keep picking them. There is some logic that I found which might explain some of why- it's as if I am trying to re-do my past and fix what went wrong with my dad and I's relationship. He was very abusive to my mom and very neglectful to us kids.
To give you a bit of history, I've been abused mentally and physically by men, my boys have been abused in every form possible- including sexual. One year we moved 13 times, just to get away from a particular abuser who was a stalker. I've stayed at three shelters, lived with many friends and now I find myself living with friends again.
I found out that I was grieving something that never really existed- this so called perfect life that I thought would last forever. Just like the books read, he is going to therapy NOW, trying to send me cards daily NOW- but he has not changed. He says he's sorry over and over, but it doesn't change the past.
I tried to express my anger and fear in a confident way, I got one of the most defensive emails I have ever read back from him. My stuff is still in the house, so I smoothed over things in an email back- only just until I get my stuff. Then he can go pound salt for all I care. This is the man that I thought was my soul mate, so kind and everything in the beginning until one day I started to realize he wasn't any better than the rest. He abused boys who have been through the most traumatic abuse ever and thought he was justified in doing it.
The thing that blows my mind is that I have been through 4 years of therapy and still I find one in the crowd that is abusive. Today I am totally numb to my feelings for him. I read as much books on the subject I can get my hands on, I talk to friends when I am lonely, I still cry and feel scared, but it's so much different than when I was there. I'm scared of starting over again. But, I remember two bad incidents for every one good incident there was. My kids have been troopers throughout. They know that I will love and protect them with all I have.
Don't worry about too much except for staying sane and being safe. Get help through the system, get counciling, read books and don't date for a long time. Don't think that you 'might' find a Mr. Perfect out there- it's true that they are out there, but they are looking for a confident put- together woman, not one who just came out of an abusive relationship. This might be hurtful words, but I've been down that path too many times to count thinking that I needed to find my soul mate.
The bad ones prey on us victims because at first they claim to think it's totally wrong to hit, yadda yadda yadda. It's as if we put out a signal to the bad ones and they find us no matter what because we get used to some form of abuse and think it's better than what we had before that.
Remember these words: A real man will love you unconditionally for all your faults and all that you are. He might even think that your faults are cute.
I have yet to find a real man who loves me that way and loves my boys unconditionally, but then again I am not totally put together. I am committed to me and my boys for now.
It ia always difficult leaving an abusive partner as they will always seem to manipulate and control you into thinking that they are truly sorry or that they are prpared to change. In my experience this is not so and have found out he treated people after me the same. ALways ensure you are safe. inform the police of the incidents that occur, telephone calls, stalking events emails txt messages. threats towards you, get dates and times. build a profile on this person. I say person as it isn't just men that abuse! Remember that you deserve better, love and respect is not the way an abusive partner treats you. be strong move on and enjoy your life as it should be. seek counselling, help others in the same situation. it has helped me . Possitive things come from negative situations a stronger and more reliant you. take care.
The only way an abusive man will stay away is to have absolutley no contact with him. Remember you don't owe him anything. Get your number changed, take different routes to work and stay away from him. Try having coffee with new men that will treat you kind, but avoid a relationship until your over him. Try new things and meeting new people. Take care of your appearance, pamper yourself. Most of all, realise that its over and move on. Life is too short and the world has too many men, too waste on heartache. Set your expectations high, if you don't, noone will. Good luck.
After ending yet another abusive relationship I am so fed up with myself. Okay I got divorced, it went through in Novemeber. Then I meet this even worse man who plays all sorts of headtrips going from extreme affection one day to totally ignoring me the next and telling me he feels nothing for me and that hes ending it cause he is using me then he goes to all sweet again. I finally got so sick of it I told him right off I mean I lowered myself to his level but I eneded it and finally got a I am in avoidance cause Im not sure if he will contact me after I called him all those names and I just want it to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just started this new job with alot of men around and im pleased..............i guess i don't understand why that man played with my emotions.........time to let go.........................I also am confused cause I was way too good for him and he never realised that...he told me he wasnt "ready" to say nice things (compliments) to me.
I am 25 years old with two children. My husband is not a big time hitter. He just plays mind games. It is like he looks at woman as an object for sex and slavery. He made me feel crazy and mean. He would never satisfy my emotional needs... like communication, friendship etc... he would always make sure and take care of himself and everything he wanted but when it came to me he did not have a soft place for me. He is loving if we have sex... when we don't he rarely spoke to me. He always picked the movies, he always manipulated his way into getting what he wanted. In short, he is a taker and I am a giver and it was just all screwy. I know he is bad for me. I think I keep hoping it will be better or think about the positive things... there are some. I think he enjoys seeing me in pain and he wants me to gravel over him. I simply don't want to do it.
He knows all the buttons to push and all the things to do to make me feel worthless. The more worthless I feel the more I want him to approve of me and love me. The more I want him to approve of me the more he kicks me down and hurts me... Finally I get strong and am assertive and walk away... then he comes back and seems sweet and like he is honest and cares for me... Once I care for him it is a weekness, then he treats me disrespectfully again and then I want him to care for me and again goes the cycle. I think this is one form or cycle of mental and verbal abuse. NOTE to this author: You are absolutely right that it is abuse--just doesn't show on the outside. And, the cycle is very typical--keeps you guessing, huh? Take your kids and run for the future. Your kids will pick up this "disease" and your leaving is the best way to avoid that. Get help and advice...and take it forward.
Start over? He/she abused you... you can't start over. Just distance yourself, and have good will in your heart for them (if you can).
The first and most important thing is to end all contact. I mean to have absolutley no contact with the person. Any form of communication on their part will be to entice, manipulate, control and degrade you into coming back. These types are cruel. Once an abuser sees you getting stronger they will resort to all sorts of tactics to regain control. DONT FALL FOR IT! The first while will be an emotional rollarcaoster. Its best to really nuture yourself. If you can afford it buy some new clothes or even a thrift shop outfit. Do a facial, haircut. Take care of yourself. Go for walks, cry, listen to music. Do writing in a journal. Surround yourself with positive. Write down the facts of your situation as well as your feelings. He will never change, he will never treat me well. In time the pain lessens and you move on.

I can really relate to the personal humiliation as an emotionally abused and physically abused person in a relationship that has lasted to long. First you have to move from victim to victor! This takes you to love yourself and surrounding yourself with positive people who are supportive of you as a person. Don't be quite it happend you can not blame yourself but embrace yourself, read articles about signs of abuse (both emotional/physical) so that you can see the actions of the abuser for what they are and separate your heart from your mind so that you can see the truth! Its always been there. Secondly cut off all contact with the person. This can be difficult but it protects you from the manipulative ways of the abuser who will play on your "heart strings" to attempt to control you again. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Reconnect with friends you may have isolated yourself from and tell your story the more you get it out of you the better you will feel this can be in a journal or through art. Like all others that have commented, he will never change no matter how much you have or would have given. Time will heal your wounds move from victim to victor!!!!

There's a lot of good advice here. Yes, cut off all contact if possible. Sever all emotional ties, and then cauterize them in fire or ice. The book the Verbally Abusive Relationship, I'd highly recommend that one too. I'd recommend reading it a couple times in a row. Cognitive therapy, to train your mind and emotion patterns away. If you have a social deficit, I found How to Win Friends and Influence people very beneficial to learning social skills, charm, etc, and to gain confidence. Religion, I utilize both the Christian faith and practice Buddhist mindfulness. I found group therapy for DV very soothing.

Speaking from personal experience, during a vulnerable time of very poor health, hospitalizations, and heavily medicated for a condition eventually resolved by surgery, fell into my first and only abusive relationship, with what turned out to be a psychotic sociopath, malignant narcissist. These things happen, read Job a lot. Ended up in a confidential dv shelter, he would imprison, suffocate, strangle, rape, etc ... and verbal abuse of course. The PTSD eventually resolved.

I hugely recommend plans. Day, week, month, year, 5 year, 10 year plans. Take the time to make these plans, even if it takes a half day, heck a couple days. List what you need. Education, health, career, money, social skills, divorce, whatever, and make a plan with time frame how to get what you need. Need to re-establish job history by working minimum wage jobs a couple years? Put it in there. Need to get major surgery? Put it in there.

Whatever you need to do, figure out a way, and make a plan. I can't over-recommend careful planning and thinking ahead. It is just as important in the post abusive relationship phase. Allow yourself the time to recognize issues and make plans to remedy issues.

I can't give the answer to being able to be emotionally intimate again. Been 4 years free for me, much much happier now. Some days I'm just surprised how nice life is. Got my kids I love to death, they the lodestone. Everybody else I'm nice and friendly to, but ... except for toughies and war vets who been there done that too, it still hard to get close to people. Aside that, I've been able to plan and accomplish to get all the other ducks lined up in a row.
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How can you best help a friend who is now starting over after an abusive marriage?

Be there for her steadfastly and compassionately when she needs you. Help her to recognize that she has been abused. Help her to decide never to be abused or to accept being abused again. The best way to help ur friend get over n start a new life after an abusive relationship is to be the ( Full Answer )

When is the right time to start another relationship after an abusive marriage has ended?

Take your time. Enjoy being by yourself for awhile. Then hangaround with friends. A lot of times, a new companion is foundthrough your friends friends whom you may have never met. Stay awayfrom bars/nightclubs. You would only be looking for trouble there.Answer Take time to evaluate what went wrong ( Full Answer )

How do you get over an abusive relationship that you ended yourself if you now realize you still have feelings for your abuser?

To be in an abusive relationship is a roller coaster of sorts. Up and down with emotions and days which go from laughing to complete terror as you are emotionally and physically assualted. When you have ended the relationship just remember you made the right decision. Whether or not you have childre ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you love a girl who is in a relationship with an abusive an over-possessive guy?

Answer . \nThe best you can do is get her aside when there is no one around and tell her that if she ever needs to talk to someone you are there because you care for her. NEVER let her abusive partner see you together because you will only make more trouble for her. Other than what I have sugge ( Full Answer )

Why do you feel guilty about dating another man after your relationship with an ex-abusive boyfriend is over?

Answer . \nMany of us believe in being honest and true in our relationship. I was married in my 20s, but my first husband loved women and obviously I wasn't one of them (so I thought.) I put up with it for quite sometime, and finally, one day at work it was like I'd been struck by lightening an ( Full Answer )

How can an abusive man not be over the relationship if you have had no contact for ten years?

Answer . Most abusers are about control and they never like to deal with "the one that got away." He remembers you in the text as always having control over you, so 10 or 20 years later he is going to pick up where he left off. My question is, "how would you know if he's not over the relationsh ( Full Answer )

How do you get over being afraid to leave your abusive relationship because you know he will cheat?

Answer . \nHon, I can bet my bottom dollar this guy is already cheating on you, so the only fear you should have at this point is getting away from him and becoming an independent young woman. You don't need him! There are Abused Women's Centers around, or, if he's not violent, just pack your ( Full Answer )

How do you get over an abusive relationship without being bad to yourself?

I am sorry this happened to you... Abuse is a rude awakening to what people you love are capable of doing. Whether it is physical or emotional abuse, it is a situation that leaves you feeling like the guilty one- although the abuser is the actual one at fault. I am not a counselor, or a professiona ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of a verbally abusive relationship when the abuser is a cop?

Well if you're afraid no one will believe you get a little camerahide it somewhere and if he starts beating you up you will haveproof. Then take it to the cops and he will go to jail and you movesomewhere far away and start a new life. Verbal abuse can be as harmful as physical abuse and should not ( Full Answer )

How does a parent help a teenager get over an abusive relationship with a boyfriend?

\n. \n Teenage abusive relationships \n. \nFirst and foremost, report the abuse asap. As the parent, the responsibility falls with you. That doesn't mean the abuse will be made public. Things concerning minors are usually handled discreetly. Her friends will not know. Her ex boyfriends wi ( Full Answer )

What is an abusive relationship?

Answer . Mental abuse is when someone is calling you names, putting you down, you can never do anything right, they constantly argue with you or they don't give you a chance to form an opinion. Withholding sex is also mental abuse if the person is using it to get their own way. Demeaning the pe ( Full Answer )

How do you start a relationship over?

That depends what your starting over from. The basics would be to simply take it slow with no expectations and allow yourselves to be open minded and not dwell on the past - don't try to be or make things the way they were as they obviously never worked that time around - learn from your mistakes an ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to get over an abusive relationship?

That completely depends on the person, and partially on the level of abuse. Some people never get over it fully... but that is okay in some ways too. Being a little bit more sensitive to the signs of abuse can help you in the future.. The main thing is to get over it *mostly* ... by starting fresh, ( Full Answer )

How do you prove mental abuse in a relationship?

I think that it is very difficult in most if not all states and court rooms. I do think that mental abuse is far worse than physical, which is recognized. Physical abuse, can heal more quickly. Emotional, sometimes never does. To prove, you willlhave to start a journal or some type of documenattion ( Full Answer )

Why is your cousin staying in a abusive relationship?

There is probably psychological abuse going on there which is based on her fear of her partner. She may also have become dependent on her partner (for example, financially or emotionally) for love in the early stages of her relationship. There is also the issue of power which her partner has over he ( Full Answer )

What Causes Physical Abuse in a relationship?

Physical abuse is caused by al;ot of different reasons. If a kid grew up around a father that is abusive to women then he will be more likely to grow up and do the same. Also, if a child has alot of bottled up anger and don't have the right way to let it out then the child will act out in bad ways a ( Full Answer )

What are abusive relationships?

Well, refer to the name, a relationship, that involves abuse. It can be towards the male or female, if you are in an abusive relationship, leave the person and/or call the police or abuse hotline..idk it though

What is abusive relationship?

An abusive relationship has a broad meaning, it could be physical, mental, or emotional. And it can be all three. Physical abuse is when someone hits you and it is visable to the eyes. Mental and emotional abuse is harder to detect and sometimes you don't even realize it until it has zapped you of y ( Full Answer )

Start over a relationship?

The best way to start over in a relationship is to follow a few simple steps done by weeks. Week 1: move slower than before but in a way you're not together (like friends. Just not too friendly, and not romantic either, you don't want to get stuck in the friend zone, or worse.) Also, work o ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of a abusive relationship?

The first step towards leaving an abusive relationship, in mypersonal point of view, is to believe or at least try your verybest to believe that you deserve way better than this. I know howwe tend to make excuses for our loved ones behaviours but seriouslyspeaking, do you think he/she will hurt you ( Full Answer )

What is the primary motive of the abuser in an abusive relationship?

For the most part, those that show abusive behavior are reflectant of how they were treated during their childhood. Thus abusive behavior as adults is not only satisfactory because the abuser in a twisted way can identify with the abused, but also is a show of dominance and superiority for someone w ( Full Answer )

Why do abusers in a relationship show you or tell you in some way or another that they are going to abuse you mine started by saying that i do not know her and i dont have the experience?

Tell her she is right! Simply stated, she just told you that she is narcissist! Believe it. You are talking to the false self of your Narcissist. Her real self is hiding behind her mask. she is also projecting on to you that your are ignorant and inadaquate to decern the truth, that you are are eas ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if you are in an abusive relationship?

you have bruises all over your body, cant be bothered making dinner for them and you seriously dont give one @!#\ about the person. Hope this helps. your spouse will make you feel like crap and you will begin to doubt yourself.

How do you start over after a verbally abusive relationship with a women?

It's wise to take some time out for yourself after a verbally abusive relationship because you have lost who you are. Give yourself time to get to know yourself and what you are capable of doing. Start going out with friends; have fun; take a vacation with your buddies (can be a long weekend and not ( Full Answer )

When does abuse start?

Often abuse is learned in the environment in which a child or children are brought up. If the father abuses the mother or, in some cases even the mother can abuse the father. Even though the environment in which the abuser grew up and learned to be abusive a person with genetics to have anger issues ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of a mentally abusive relationship?

Sometimes it may be hard to get out of an abusive relationship. This is because violent relationships often go in cycles. After a person is violent, he or she may apologize and promise never to hurt you again, and even say that they will work on the relationship. It may be a while before that person ( Full Answer )

Why do people become abusive in relationships?

if you mean like the old boy pulls girl's hair, or something like that, if there are two adults in a relationship, one might just be mean and drunk, usually the man, and the other might complain to their partner that they have a problem, but the other one wont want to here it. Usually, this isonly f ( Full Answer )

How long after an abusive relationship should you wait before starting a new relationship?

when you get over the other person usually, its up to you. Answer There is no easy answer to this, but you should wait until you have adequately addressed your personal issues that lead you to beginning and remaining in that abusive relationship. That you were abused is not your fault . You have ( Full Answer )

What are the red flags in an abusive relationships?

Yelling, screaming, hitting, punching, controlling, an demanding. There are a lot of stuff that can lead to an abusive relationship. However, you need to be very cautious of how he/she acts toward you if you think things are gonna get bad. If they start getting really controlling and telling you wha ( Full Answer )

How do you love again after an abusive relationship?

WOW, i can only image the pain you went through .. i guess the bestadvice i can offer is to know that not everyone is like that .. andit is possibly for a guy to treat you nicely and spoil you andtreat you like a princess! just know that life goes on beyond thatrelationship. -- First, you are to be ( Full Answer )

Why do people stay in abusive relationship?

Several different reasons. One could be because the abuser has sucha hold on the abused that they stay because they think that theabuser is the only person that will want them. There is also fear that if the abused left the abuser would huntthem down and make them pay for leaving in the first place. ( Full Answer )

How can you avoid abusive relationship?

When you discover a partner is abusive whether it be Mental, Physical, or Sexual abuse be smart enough to GET OUT. Other than that unfortunately there is no real way of avoiding them as most abusers are relatively quiet and stay unabusive for what could be quite sometime before they show they're ( Full Answer )

What are two signs of an abusive relationship?

If you always fight, then it is an abusive relationship. If you do not want to be around your boyfriend/girlfriend, then it is an abusive relationship. If you can not talk or be around your family and friends then you are in an abusive relationship.

When is woman abuse usually started in the relationships?

Usually it starts off in the beginning, but it stars as harmless verbal things that don't seem to mean anything but then they escalate into more harmful verbal comments and can lead then to physical abuse. that's why women don't normally think that they are doing on purpose or what not.

What is an emotional abusive relationship?

calling names such as fat, lazy, making someone feel bad for themselves..never stay in a emoctional abusive relationship..they can cause MAJOR depression problems

How do most abusive relationships start?

Most abusive relationships start off pleasant and you think you are in love, but then everything goes down hill when you get use to the person. Not all abusive relationships are from the guys or the girls so be careful and safe!

Where can you get help if you are in an abusive relationship?

You can get help from alot of places. If you have a abuse network where you live they will help you. Also, you first need to get a good trust circle where you can go and talk about what happen and where they can offer advice as a third person view. I'm a victim of abuse and it took me 3 years to tel ( Full Answer )

What are the signs of emotional abuse in a relationship?

signs of emotional abuse: defensive about everything alienating yourself from others angry a lot bouts of depression low self esteem feeling like you can never do anything right take life so serious unable to joke or laugh as much feeling unworthy feeling disconected these are just a few signs of em ( Full Answer )

Do abusive bipolar relationships last?

It is really up to the people in the relationship. If someone is abusive the one being abused should be smart enough to get out of the relationship. However, if the really care about the person they may not get out. I would assume most don't last but that doesn't mean some won't. If you are being ab ( Full Answer )

How do you start over after being in an emotionally abusive relationship?

if he is abusing you in a physical way.. leave, tell someone! don't ever let ANYONE do that to you no matter what reason! if you're emotionally hurt, it's okay to cry. if you have children, don't let them see you cry, it hurts them. parents on the other hand is okay. they probably know what it's l ( Full Answer )