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How do you stop air bag light from chiming on a 1999 grand Cherokee?


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2011-01-06 04:34:59
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My jeep is doing the same thing. Ive been reading online about the issue for a couple of weeks now and don't find too much help thus far. I have read more than once that the solution was a bad clock spring, which I understand is in the steering wheel/column and is a special type spring that can coil/uncoil as you turn the vehicle and is related to the airbag system. Therefore it should NOT be worked on by anyone other than a mechanic, as you could deploy the airbags and cause injury. I've also been told that the airbag control module is faulty, which is located under the drink holder / center console between the two front seats. This part was worth $400. at the local dealer , and I have since found sites online that will reprogram them for 100. , quaranteed to work without buying new. I have tried to disable the airbags all together to get rid of the chime, and the light, but pulling the fuses didn't work, even after disconnecting the battery to deplete the backup. Again its important that if you want to work on any of these components, make sure you disconnect the positive cable from the battery and wait ten minutes for the reserve power to deplete before starting the job. There are airbag sensors in the vehicle that could be disturbed and set them off. From what I understand about the 1999 JGC there is only one of these sensors and it is located with the Airbag Control Module. Other models had a pair in the front bumper as well.


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