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  • the engine carbon cleaning service to remove these buildup.
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Q: How do you stop carbon deposit from getting stuck in the egr valve?
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1997 S10 Blazer 4.3L ruff idle after tuneup?

Clean EGR valve, maybe stuck open with carbon

1995 GMC Jimmy starts ok but wont idle why?

It could be that your EGR valve has failed or has a piece of carbon stuck in it .

1995 Chevy blazer brake pedal is hard?

Sometimes a piece of carbon will get caught in the EGR Valve. If is is hard starting, idles rough, and the brakes are hard, check the EGR Valve, it probably has a piece of carbon stuck, keeping it open.

Is the PCV valve on an 05 Chevy sliverado fixed or do they sometimes get stuck in the valve cover?

It is just stuck,

What does it mean if egr valve is stuck in closed performance position?

The valve has failed.The valve has failed.

2005 gmc tow haul button stuck on light goes off but rpms stay up?

stuck valve in valve body? solenoid valve faulty if it has one?

1989 Chevy Celebrity PCV valve stuck?

When you shake the PCV valve it should rattle. If it does not rattle then it is probably stuck and should be replaced.

What can cause low flow egr problem?

Carbon build up. Sticky or stuck EGR valve. Vacuum supply line damaged/leaking. Faulty EGR valve. Faulty EGR Position sensor/wiring.

2004 Hyundai sonata won't start after getting gas?

common problem with all hyundais and kias its a stuck open purge valve. when refueling fuel vapors travel past the stuck open valve and flood the intake with fuel vapors giving hard start condition.

How do you clean the orifice for an EGR valve for a 92 Chevy S10 without removing valve?

you cant, it has to be removed. it is very simple though, onlt 2 bolts and a connector. it is right in the front of the engine and it probably has a pebble of carbon stuck in it.

How do you repair stuck valve?

Through the spark plug hole, soak the valve with penetrating oil. After sitting a while, tap lightly on the valve stem with a hammer. If after several tries this does not work then the head will need to be removed to see why the valve is stuck.

What is the cause and corrective action required for pieces of carbon getting caught in the EGR valve on a Chevy S-10 with a 43 Engine?

an EGR valve gasket is available that has a screen to block the carbon. They cost $5.69 at the autoparts store in my city.

How repair a stuck reversing valve?

first you have to turn the valve and see if it was just in a wrong position

How do you fix an euphoniums valves when stuck?

Unscrew the cap on the top of the valve and pull out the valve. Make sure it is clean and apply valve oil to the valve. Depending on how stuck it is and if the euphonium has not been played in a long time will determine how much valve oil you will have to use. After you have oiled the valve put the valve back in, making sure the guide is lined up, and then screw back on the top cap finger tight. If the valve is really stuck and you can not get it out you should take the euphonium to a instrument repair shop so you don't damage the instrument.

How do you free a stuck taco zone control valve?

As a 33+ year HVAC veteran, it's been my experience that, even if you can "free up" a stuck zone valve, it will stick again. If it's actually the valve itself that's stuck, rather than the "actuator" motor having failed, then it's usually best to replace the valve body.

Can the water tank of a toliet overflow?

Sure if the valve gets stuck open and the flapper get stuck closed.

Where is the PCV valve on 1995 Chevy Silverado?

It is stuck in a rubber hose and pushed in the top of the valve cover

The d4 light on a 1992 Honda accord flashes code 12 what does this code mean?

Code 12 is a faulty EGR valve. You need to clean or replace the EGR valve of all carbon. The exhaust passage on which the EGR is mounted needs to be cleaned of carbon deposit as well. The flashing D4 light indicates a transmission problem. This needs to be looked at by a professional.

How do you fix a float that is stuck?

The float could be stuck because of stuck needle valve, or rust. The float could also be leaking and be full of fuel.

Where is the PCV valve on a 1996 Chevy Tahoe located?

It is in a hose that is stuck in the top of the drivers side valve cover.

After replacing hard brake line is there a proportioning valve to reset on your 1998 Chevy silverado?

There is a proportioning valve and once the repair is done and you have bled all the air out of the system the valve should reset itself unless it is stuck. If it is stuck you may have to replace the valve assembly if you can't free it up.

How does the car know the EGR valve is bad?

If the egr valve was stuck open, the engine wouldn't idle. If the egr valve was stuck closed you may hear excessive pinging (spark knock) and in most vehicles, the check engine light would illuminate.

When performing pressure check on your protective mask what should do if the lens remain deflected after holding your breath?

You covered the inlet valve with your hand, breathed in, took your hand away from the valve, and it's still sucked in? That means no air is getting in. Take the mask off and remove the inlet valve cover. See if somehow the inlet valve got stuck. If that's not it, change the filter. The only way air gets into a serviceable pro mask is through the filter, and if air isn't getting into the face piece that means it's either not getting through the inlet valve or it's not getting through the filter.

What does p1776 mean for a 2000 dodge grand caravan?

Solenoid switch valve latched in the low/reverse position.It means that a valve is stuck in the valve body.

What is code P1776 on a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country?

Solenoid switch valve latched in the low/reverse position. It means that a valve is stuck in the valve body