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How do you take a 2000 s-10 headlight cover off?


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the head light cover does not come off but if you pull up on the two plastic clips on the back of the radiator support the whole headlamp assembly willcome out. gm Jim


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Take off the bumper cover and it is right there

It is not a cover, the headlight is a sealed assembly.

Should be under the hood, right hand side in the electrical enclosure with other switches and relays. Take the cover off and the diagram on the inside tells you which is which. In our 2000, the headlight relay is marked HEAD.

what you do is you open the hood and right above the headlight is a black plastic cover held on by little plastic clips. take that off and you'll see two bid bolts connected to the frame of the headlight. take them off, jiggle the headlight alittle, and it should come right out

open the hood and there is a bracket with 2 screws take that braket off the take off plastic cover then you can do the job

take the plastic cover guard off and it is 2 bolts right on top take them out and it is free

Yes you can just replace the headlight bulbs. First you have to take out the cover by the battery. Then unscrew the cover by the radiator and simply lift it up to take it off. The light bulbs are visible at this time.

If you can't fit your hand between the headlight and the fuse box to unscrew the bulb, take off the bolts at the top and bottom and the entire headlight unit will come out.

You pop the hood take and reach behind the headlight and pull off the bulb cover then pull the bulb out and put the new one in.

It is located on top of the steering column under the cover. You have to take the dashboard cover off starting at the sides and down the front and take off the steering column cover. it plugs in from the back.

The filter is behind the left headlight, Take the ducting off and get to the filter to change it.

You have to take the front grill off to get at the headlight. Everything is easy after that.

get a new light bulb ,take the cover off the light bulb that's broken and replace it.

The relay has gone bad. It is located under the bumper cover under the right front headlight.

I don't know about 95, but on the 94, you have to take out the whole light assembly from the front. Take off the cover inside the hood from the top, expose the headlight bolts, remove the headlight. Good lucK!

its underneith the drivers side, you have to get under neith there take the cover off and it is the biggest relay its underneith the drivers side, you have to get under neith there take the cover off and it is the biggest relay

Look under the steering wheel at the plastic cover. There will be a fuse cover to the left. Take off the fuse cover, and then take off the computer cover right underneath the fuse cover. The plug is attached to the plastic cover under the steering wheel to the left, under the fuse access removable panel.

Ok I will answer this myself as I figured it out( so much for the internet hey). You have to take off the bumper so you can get to all the screws on the headlight, take out the headlight and from then on it's pretty straight forward.

how do you take primary cover off an 86 sportster

1 Open the hood of your SRX and disconnect the power connector from the back of your headlight. Squeeze the tabs on the connector and pull the connector off the back of the headlight. 2 Pull the rubber dust cover off the back of the headlight housing. 3 Rotate the collar on the headlight counterclockwise and pull it out of the headlight assembly. 4 Insert the new headlight and turn the collar clockwise to lock it into the housing assembly. 5 Replace the dust cover. 6 Reconnect the power connector to the headlight.

you should only change the gasket if you have to take the valve cover off....... you should only change the gasket if you have to take the valve cover off.......

First remove the wiper and headlight switch knobs. They will pull off with force, then you will under stand how they go back on. Remove cover under dash to view fuses. Take two screw out that hold the fuse panel. The dash cover around the wiper and headlight switch actually pops off when pryed on. Once this cover is off remove the nut around the headlight switch and it will pull out, but you need to get the fuse panel out of the way. The switch it self has a pull out bar that can also be taken out by depressing the button brad on the switch itself.

Just take the cover off and plug in the new bulb.

The cover will pop off pretty easily, then you take off the mounting nuts, then you can unplug the tweeter.

you need to lift out the battery and then you can do that side but the other side you must remove the back cover it will take you a few mins to take the back cover off by moving it about abit then you can do it, I changed all my headlight bulbs in about 30 mins.....

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