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I'm trying to do a tuneup on my 89' 740 Volvo with turbo. Having problems getting the distributor rotor off?

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How do you take a distributor off a Volvo 740 turbo?

to change the distributor on a 740 Volvo undo the 3 captive bolts that attach it to the back of the rocker box you will find it easiest to you use a short box spanner and yes it is awkard

How do you take off the rotor from distributor of a 1998 Nissan Altima?

Remove distributor cap Either lift off rotor or unscrew and lift off is so equipped

How do you change the distributor on a 1996 Nissan 240SX?

buy a new distributor cap and rotor. Unscrew the distributor cap (on the drivers side of the engine block), take note how the existing rotor is sitting, remove it, and place the new rotor in the same position. Put on the distributor cap and screw it into place... very simple job. thats how you change the rotor......he asked about the distributor....try again.

How do you install a rotor cap in a Chevy Silverado?

all you should have to do is take the distributor cap off, and there it is. answer take the distributor cap off, pull the old rotor off, put the new one on, put the cap back on.

Where is the ignition control module on your 1990 Chevy k2500 pickup?

it's underneath the rotor in the distributor. you have to take the distributor out to change it.

What kind of oil does a 1993 Volvo turbo 940 take?


Where is the camshaft position sensor on a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500?

under the rotor in the distributor unplug the wires take off the rotor and pull it out

How do you replace the ignition module on a 1976 Chevrolet Cheyenne?

The pickup coil in the distributor? !976 should be an HEI distributor. Take the cap off, unplug the wires going to the distributor, remove the rotor and the pickup coil is under the rotor and held in place with two screws.

How do you check to see if distributor is stuck 1997 mercury villager?

Take the distributor cap off and turn the engine. If the rotor turns it's not "stuck".

Which direction does the distributor turn on a 1979 Ford mustang 5.0 HO?

Take the distributor cap off an crank the engine or turn the engine by hand clockwise and note the direction of the distributor rotor.

How many quarts of motor oil does a 97 s70 Volvo take?

6.1 if its the turbo 2.3L model

Why does your distributor cap keep corroding?

Need to buy a GM factory cap,wires, rotor. That will take care of it.

How take distributor out of Chevy truck do you just take cap off and pick stright up after marking rotor?

Pretty much except I would bring number one cylinder up on the compression stroke then line up TDC on the timing marks, remove cap, note position of distributor and rotor, then pull the distributor up and out, (note that rotor rotates a bit as the dist is removed). This way you have a reference point if something moves.

How do you remove distributor rotor on 2000 crv?

I have a 1999 cr-v. With the distributor cap off you must slightly give the key a turn in the ignition (not trying to start it) just to turn the rotor a little. When the teeth on the rotor face the front end of the car you should be able to see a phillip's head screw on the back side that screws directly into the distributor shaft. Unscrew this and the rotor should slide right off. Be careful not to strip the screw, because you might end up having to take off the entire distributor housing to drill it out.

How do you remove hall effect sensor in 1998 vw jetta?

First remove distributor cap. loosen the bolt that holds down distributor and take holding plate of MAKE SURE YOU MARK DISTRIBUTOR POSITION AGAINST BLOCK AND ROTOR AGAINST DISTRIBUTOR HOUSING. pull out distributor from engine. now take out the pin that holds the gear on the distributor rotor shaft take the gear of the shaft, position of gear on shaft is not important. now from the the top of the distriburator pull the rotor shaft out and wow la. camshaft position sensor is ready to be taken out. To install just reverse the steps and when you ready to install the gear on shaft make sure that the gears is against the distributor housing and not on the tip of the shaft (up side down). installing distributor on engine. install the the rotor on shaft and turn it about 20 degrees clock wise so when you push the distributor into the engine is going to turn back to the original position. You are welcome jcdl. 7-10-08

Radio code for Volvo 850 Turbo?

You have to take it to a Volvo dealer. They can look up the code in their database. Each radio has a unique code based on the serial number of the radio.

You have spark at the coil wire but none to spark plug wires on a 1995 Dodge 3500 Van with a 318?

Take the distributor cap off, crank the engine and see if the rotor turns. Check for no burn marks between the distributor cap contacts. Check the condition of the centre pin inside the distributor cap. If it is not of the spring loaded type, check the spring contact on the rotor then check the rotor for tracking to the shaft.

How much oil should leak from ford focus turbo?

none ................ seals in turbo perished take off hose to turbo and feel in end for any wear on rotor and any oil .....if either are apparant new turbo required or soon new engine

Where is the Camshaft Position Sensor on a 2000 Dodge Caravan?

It is located in your distributor. Take off the distributor cap. Take off the rotor. You will see it underneath there, its got a magnet piece. Also, to make things more clear, It is where the electrical connection plugs into on the side of the distributor. That is the cam sensor.

Where is the ignition coil in a 95 Honda Civic?

The coil is located in the distributor internally. If you take the distributor cap off and unscrew the rotor it should become visible. You may have to move a dust cover, but it is in there.

What is the rotor rotation of distributor for 86 celebrity cw ccw?

Clockwise. to make realy sure take the distubator cap off and watch the rotor, while someone else spins the motor over.

How do you replace the timing belt on my VOLVO xc90 2.5l turbo?

take it to the dealer and pay them. its too hard for the average joe to do at home.

Is there an internal advance mechanism in a 1992 43l distributor?

all distributors have some kind of centrifugal advance, you will be able to see if you take the distributor cap and rotor off. have a look at the base plate to see.

Where is the distributor cap located in a 2000 chevrolet's blazer?

behind the engine you'll see a black circle with 7 plugs coming out of it. that is the distributor cap. take the cap off and you'll see the rotor.

Where is the camshaft position sensor on a 1998 1500 pickup?

Take the distributor cap and rotor off and that electric device that you see is the cam sensor.

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