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How do you take off the door panels?


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Taking off door panels is relatively easy, depending on the type of the door. Usually, you just have to unscrew the hinges of a door and the panel will come off with it.

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how to take the door panel off of a 2004 grand am

take the inside door panels off and then you can unbolt the speaker from the door.

There is a clip on the back side of the window crank that you have to take off, then take the door panel off.

You'd have to use a spanner of some sort

An instructional video on how to take a door panel off a 1999 Sonoma can be view on YouTube. Search for "How to remove door/door panels 1999 Sonoma/s10" and click on the first search result.

star by taking off the side door panels then take of the corner panel then remove a 1/2 srew and there its off star by taking off the side door panels then take of the corner panel then remove a 1/2 srew and there its off

yeas you have to take the door panels off theres a screw behind the srs air bag tag and two in the handle then you pull the sides and bottem out and the pop off the tweeter cover and pull the door pannel up and disconnect the door lever cable and wires...

To remove the door panels in a 1987 Ford Ranger, simply crank the cover on the door to pry it open. Then remove the head screws inside and take off the other three screws.

Remove all the screws, take the arm rest off, and lift.

Pull the inside door panels off and you will see there bolted in the door.

Pull the inner door panels off and the speakers are mounted in the door.

A flush door has panels that are mostly flat and take up the entire space of the door. A panel door has loose fitting panels that fit into grooves that make up the frame of the door.

It is in the door latch. You need to replace those switches. There are two in the drivers door and one in the passengers door. Take the door panels off and remove door latch and replace swithes.

did you check the fuses first? Do you have power to the master switch?

You first have to remove all the screws from the door. then you should just be able to pull it off. Most car door panels are hanging on by plastic clips.

that depends on if you have auto windows or not. if you do then there should be a couple of screws on the inside door handle. unscrew these and then all you should have to do is unclip the panal from the back.

I just need to figure out how to take my door panels off my car, 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse, so I can install some new speakers.

There will be push in plastic clips around the edge of most panels (as no year was given) that can be carefully pried out with the proper tool or a screwdriver. Also will have screws in the armrest and at the inner door handle. Then the door panel can come off. If it still has the inner plastic liner put it back into place when you're done to avoid drafts.

door panelsfirst you look at your door and inside the door handle(not the opening handle the one you pull on) there is a plug. take out the plug then take out the screw.2nd you look at the opening handle and take out the back of it.after you snap that off you look at the bottom of the door and there is 2 screws . take them off then pull on the panels and it will snap off around the edges. slide the panel up and off the take out the four screws on the speaker and replace the panelTry to use the Nissan speaker adapters plugs so you don't need to cut wires and mess up the electric system, you can get those from eBay or amazon.

i just replace my 6x9s (rear speakers) the screws were covered by the back seats which i had to take completely out, also there are covers above the rear suspension just behind the back seats that allow access, there was a screw there as well. as far as the door panels there is a small screw behind the door handle and one that is covered by the dash when the door is closed and one more that is on the other side of the door just below the window. the rest is just popping off the panels.

first, take the door panels off. next, there are four screws you have to remove. after that the speakers can be removed from the door, do not forget to disconnect the wiring harness from the speaker.

you need to take off the inner and outer door panels. the motor is secured by rivets, you need to drill them out

For the front speakers your gonna have to take the door panels off to get to all the wiring and everything and for the back ones you should just be able to take the plastic cover off and replace them

Remove the door panel, take off the ten millimeter bolts holding the passenger mirror to the door and install the new one. Put everything back together. Door panels are can be tricky to take off without scratching or breaking anything though.

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