How do you take out a fuel pump on a '93 Infinity G20?

if the car won't start you need to change it.the pump is located in the fuel tank.

Disconnect negative battery cable,then remove your back seats,unscrew the 3 screws on the the triangle plate with the wires going in it,disconnect the two wires at the oem connectors,disconnect the two fuel lines,unscrew the locking ring by tapping the tabs on the edge with a hammer and screwdriver in a counter-clockwise direction,gently pull out the fuel sending unit w/ your gas gauge attached,disconnect the fuel line attached to it and fuel pump wire,take the sending unit out now after all is detached,push on tab on fuel pump and it will come out in a plastic holder,open plastic holder by tabs on the bottom,put new fuel pump in the plastic holder and attach new two wires and fuel line,now just reverse the process to install the new fuel pump.