How do you take the timing belt off a 1986 Mazda pick up?

This is a timely thing to do first off.This requires some mechanical KNOW HOW to do.Things to expect draining coolant to replace the water pump,replace the gasket where the heater core piping comes into the pump from the side of the pump(recommend) at the lower radiator hose.You have to align the camshaft mark and crankshaft marks to top dead center (easy to do with one or two spark plugs removed).The fan shroud and fan clutch needs to be removed,along with the upper and lower timing belt cover.I suggest buying a timing belt kit,which will include a new belt,new tensioner,new pulley.The water pump comes with the pump,and gasket and oring.You would have to make a gasket at the pump housing at the block where the lower radiator hose hooks up and ties into the pipe for the heater core piping/intake.Unless your very mechanically inclined take it to a shop.I could go on forever on the what to do and what not to do being I have done this job myself jan2010!It was not to hard for me however it is too much information to describe here and a manaul helps but,will not be specific on how to get the belt back on with some TLC and all the other little oddities.