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How do you take the wheel bearing out of a 94 Saturn?

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The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, or book store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

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Is the 94 Saturn twin cam rear wheel drive or front wheel?

front wheel drive

Installing rear wheel bearing on 94-97 Lexus GS300?

Wheel bearings on a 1994 to 1997 Lexus GS300 are pressed into the Hub. The install a wheel take the hub to a machinist so they can safely press the wheel bearing into place. This reinstall the hub onto the vehicle.

What is and where is the wheel bearing located on a 94 beretta and how do you replace it?

The wheel bearing is located in the Hub Assembly. It provides a reduced friction environment, making the wheel turn easier. Jack your car up then take off your tire. there should be a large nut in the center of the hub that is your wheeling bearing nut. there is also a bearing on the back side that you must remove the brake caliper to get to.

What is Humming noise on passenger side of 94 4runner?

It will most likely be the wheel bearing

How do you take off wheel hub on ford 94 F350 dual?

how to take off wheel hub on ford 94 F350 dual?

How do you change rear wheel bearing on 94 half ton Chevy silverado?

Look it uo on youtube

How do you repack front wheel bearings 94 Chevy pick up trk?

If the truck is a 4 wheel drive, you can't repack the front wheel bearings. It has a sealed hub/bearing assembly that is not serviceable.

Cooled start sensor Saturn 94?

i am looking were the cooled start sensor is on a 94 Saturn is at

Is a 1995 Saturn PCM Computer compatible with a 1994 Saturn SL1?

I just did the engine in my 94 and wanted to do a 96 engine. The only computers that will be compatible in a 94 is a 91 0r 92.95 PCM Computer in a 94 Saturn S SeriesNo it is not compatible. The amount of teeth on the 94's timing wheel do not match what the PCM Computer is programmed for in the 95. It will run the engine, but it will always run lean and you will have a drastic reduction in horse power.

What size is the middle nut on the tire on a 1994 Taurus?

There is no "middle nut" on a tire. -I can only assume you may mean the 'spindle nut' or 'main wheel bearing nut'. That is what holds your wheel bearing tight to the CV joint. In 94 Taurus it is a 1 and 1/4 nut

Where is the place located to put transmission fluid in a 94 Saturn?


How much to replace the front wheel bearings in a 94 vw golf driver?

just had a 93 golf cl front wheel bearing done at a garage all in £110.00 had a rear bearing done through my works workshop and the bearing cost £11.21 half an hour to do, gave the mechanic £20 i am not sure but i think the front bearing is the same and to dissasemble the front takes a bit longer but not 3 hours

Will a 94 Saturn SL1 engine work in a 95 Saturn Sl1?

exact fit fir the sohc engine is 93 or 94 only

Can you use body parts of a 94 Saturn coupe on a 91 Saturn coupe?

Almost all body parts from a 94 will fit on a 91.

Where is the backup switch on a 94 Saturn?

on the trans

In a Pontiac grand am how do you know which front wheel bearing is bad?

Grand Ams eat wheel bearings, if one is bad you might as well replace both of them as the other will go out in a month or so, I had a 94 and replaced 6 wheel bearings in that car in 113,000 miles.

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How long will it take to change head gasket on 94 Saturn?

Depends on skill level. a few hours to a few days

What kinda of freon does a 94 Saturn sl2 take?

the vehicle takes R-134a for the type, and the system holds 1.5lbs

How to Get starter off 94 Toyota 4 runner?

easiest is to take off the front wheel and do the job from there

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