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Find things that you have in common. This provides a conversation topic and eventually she will become comfortable with talking to you.

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Q: How do you talk to shy girls?
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Is she too shy to talk?

Maybe I mean a lot of girls are too shy to talk. But it depends on who the she is.

Are middle school boys shy to talk to girls?

when guys are shy to girls that means they like that girl.

Do shy guys ask out shy girls?

it depend sometime they so shy they wont even up to the girl and talk to her if you want you can go and talk to him

Can girls be too shy to talk yo a guy?


How do shy people flirt with girls?

They might have people talk to the girl for them. I am 12 and shy and i get scared talking to girls on the phone or face to face. But when i txt them i have no fear.

Why don't girls walk up and talk to guys but guys walk up and talk to girls?

maybe because girls might be more shy then the boy trying to talk to her some girls might just walk up to the boy and talk herself

How can shy girls talk to guys?

By just going up and talking to them! Don't act shy. Act like you have talked to them before.

Are boys more ashy than girls?

boys are just as likely to be shy as girls. if anything, girls may outweigh boys in that regard by a small amount. but generally, there's just as many quiet boys as there are girls. As far as a shy boy being more shy than a shy girl, that isn't likely. boys are more pressured to talk with girls, if nothing else, to score. having said that, girls are probably more shy than boys.

Why do girls always want guys to go talk to them and they dont go walk up and talk to guys?

Most girls are to shy they don't want to talk to a guy and him be dating and make a fool of themselves.

Do girls talk about sex more than guys do?

i think guys talk about sex more than girls because for a guy it will be a thing to bag about to his friennds but girls most of the times are shy to talk about it with friends rodrigue kelly BHS

How do boys talk to girls when they are shy?

they will act tough and them make themselves look like a fool:)

How can you be friends with lots of boys?

Talk to them! Shy girls get less attention than ugly ones!

Why are some girls nervous or shy when you try to talk to them?

bc some girl r crazy

Why do girls not talk to you or look at you when you pass by?

you are ugly, you're wierd, or they are shy but mostly the first 2.

What do you do when you want boys to notice you?

Talk to him, but don't be shy. Most boys like girls who aren't shy around them, and someone you can actually talk to. If you have a brother get them to become friends. Just talk, and build up the relationship between you two.

Why does Jana Dugger not talk as much as the other dugger girls do on the show?

because she's more shy then the other girls on the t.v. show.

Where can I find a girlfriend?

Look anywhere. The main thing is to be yourself and talk to girls. Don;t be shy.

Where i can find girlfriend?

Look anywhere. The main thing is to be yourself and talk to girls. Don;t be shy.

Do girls like quiet boys?

mostly 50% of girls kind of like shy boys the other fifty girls like boys who talk and speak and talks her

What does a girl think about a shy boy?

He is perhaps harboring some complexes that are turning him shy. Shyness is not just limited to girls, but girls are shy because of their natural feminine nature, while in case of guys its some complexity that they suffer from. that he won't talk bhind her back or he's 2 shy it's his loss

Why do guys act nervous around a girl?

Just like girls, guys get shy too. He could like the girl or he could just be really shy because he thinks she is pretty. Or they could actually be nervous that the girls will not want to talk to them...this is similar to girls.

What do guys think of shy girls?

I personally think shy girls are adorable.

What if your to shy to talk to him but you like him?

I am a guy and I have been a bit shy myself when I see a girl I like, watch the way he acts around other girls and if he seems shy then aproach himbecause otherwise neither of you will talk. Just imagine he is like any other guy, I am sure you can find something to talk to him about to start a conversation.

Are girls more shy than boys?

no girls are more outgoing then boys. at times girls can be shy but boys are shyer then girls.

How do you know if a boy that is social but shy when it comes to girls likes you?

You will know that a boy who is social but shy when it comes to girls likes you because he will pay attention to you. He will probably listen when you talk, make eye contact, and even join in your activities.