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It's unwise to even try. This may drive him from the marriage.

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Q: How do you talk your hubby into having a second child?
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Should you give jealous hubby silent treatment?

Don't talk to your hubby.

Where in the new testament does it talk about having a relationship with your second cousin as a sin?

Old, not new.

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A pedophile is a person that is sexually attracted to a child. You can talk to children all day long, and not be a pedophile, as long as you are not finding them a turn on or having inappropriate thoughts.

How do you convince husband it is the right time for a second child?

A good time will be is to have a talk with ur husbend on his freetime when u guys are together in bed or anywhere and tell him u want to have a second child

Can you talk to justin Bieber just for a second?

no, he's a child star. it would be a colossal waste of time.

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Have a talk with your child about having gay,bi,or homosexual thoughts ,feelings,or beliefs . Then talk and ask the child "who says this stuff anyway?",then when you get an answer go to the principle or board and tell them if they cant help you can support your child's decision.Kids will be kids and annoy your child. Make them your shining star! Its as simple as that!

How can a caregiver best help a school-age child who is unsure of a assignment instruction given by the teacher?

A caregiver is important to a child. If the child is having difficulties with a homework assignment it is best to talk to the child and figure how you can help them. If you are not sure of the answer yourself be sure to have the child ask their teacher.

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What are the safe ways of having a child with an hiv positive man with an hiv negative woman?

You need to talk to a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) about this.

How do you get pregnant if your partner has genital herpes?

Your hubby should be honest with you and be able to tell you if he gets a break out and when to abstain from having sex. Avoid having interccourse while he has any signs or symptoms of a break out. Wait until it's completely gone before you resume having intercourse. Your hubby should also be willing to take antiviral medication or some suppressants regularly. Doing this can help reduce his break outs and it can reduce his chances of passing herpes onto you even in between break outs. You may want to talk to him about these issues (and let him know you want to have children) before you start trying for a child. Also herpes doesn't affect fertility or reproductive systems of men or women. There is a chance that you may not get herpes, but even if you do contract herpes from him you can still have a natural birth and a healthy child.

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Talk to the parents of the child and let them know to talk to their child about it. Then tell the principle to talk to the kid also.

Why does your girlfriend talk to guys on the internet?

Well, if it's your girlfriend you're talking about. Maybe she's lonely. Have you been giving her enough attention? If not, talk to her. Maybe she is just having second thoughts about your relationship.

26 year old woman with amenorrhea and autistic child?

Amenorrhea and having an Autistic child have no relation what-so-ever. I'm not sure what you were trying to say here, if you have issues with either your amenorrhea or your child has problems with their Autism then go talk to your family doctor.

Why would a guy talk much more to his rebound ex-girlfriend than his girlfriend who returned and you are having a child together?

teri ma ki aankh

How many teenage fathers end up leaving the child and the mother?

A lot of fathers leave because the pressure of having a newborn and a potential wife is too much. Keep in mind that if you are thinking about having a baby with him, TALK ABOUT IT!!

Who can you talk to for free about back child support for a child that is 25?

your State's child support agency

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say can i talk to you for a second

What are some direct influences of the family on development?

The development of a child can be hindered if the family dynamic is ignoring the child. If a person talks baby talk to a child, that is how they will talk. If the child does not get the proper medical care and checkups, illnesses could cause the child to become withdrawn.

How do you get to second base with a girl who is shy?

You cant get to a base without mutual consent..The best thing to do is just talk to her because communication is key and you never know if she might be having the same feelings, so just talk to her and see!

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you talk about how his life is maybe he having problems

How can a guy talk to his girl without having a phone?

talk to her at school dur

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you might not be able to get the child to talk about their problem.

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There is no set time to start thinking about adopting another child. It all depends on the preparedness and needs of the child, and the adoptive family. Talk to your adoptions counselor or case manager and see what they suggest.

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