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Just simply tell him that it was just a drunken hookup that meant nothing more.

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Q: How do you tell a guy you just want to be friends after a drunken hookup?
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What is a good hookup line to get a guy?

"Hookup" implies getting together for sex. If that's what you mean, just tell him you really want to hookup.

What do you do if your ex still likes you but you are friends?

you tell him/her that you are just friends. Or tell him/her that you only want to be friends

How do you tell if you have a gas or electric dryer hookup?

A gas hookup will have fittings for a gas line, they should be clearly visible. In an electric hookup there will be an electrical plug, but no gas lines showing.

How do you make a boy not to like you but just be friends?

Tell him you want to be just friends.

What if you hookup with a guy that likes you but you don't like them?

Just tell them you don't feel the same way and i they really do like you they'll understand.

How do you tell your friends your dating a bad guy?

if they are real friends just tell them and they should believe you.

How can you tell if a boy wants to be best friends or friends?

Most boys don't want to be "just friends." But in that case, if you like him give him signs or just tell him.

How do you tell your friends you are a lesbian?

just be confindent if they were your real friends they wouldn't care...but just be confident

How do you add friends on Disney Create?

tell me just tell me i do not know

How do you tell all your hidden secrets to someone?

you tell it just to your friends

What if your friends tell you your guy friend likes you but you just don't see it is it possible that he might like me if everyone but me can see it?

just listen to your friends. if they are good friends they will tell the truth!!

What do you tell your friends if you are a lesbian?

Depending on what sort of friends you have, just tell them and if they are good friends they will accept it and continue being your friends. It may take a long time for them to get use to it. Maybe just tell a reliable friend first who doesn't know and see how that goes. Then if that goes well, tell your other friends.

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