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if your water tank is water logged the pump will kick on almost immediatly when the water tap is opened, and will kick off shortly after it is closed. Water cannot be compressed. The air inside the tank allows the pump to "catch up" and shut off while the water is in use, and allows for a steady flow of water at similar pressures.

2006-09-13 19:19:50
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What are the symptoms of a faulty water pump?

When a water pump is bad it will leak. There is a hole in the pump were water will leak out of.

What are the symptoms of a bad auto water pump?

It is important to know the symptoms of when a car part goes bad. The symptoms of a bad auto water pump are overheating, weeping, and grinding gears.

What are symptoms of leaking water pump 1987 Nissan 300zx?

Shold be a weep hole underneath stem of water pump. If it's leaking water it needs to be replaced. You will be able to tell.

Symptoms of faulty water pump?

overheating/underheating water leaking from bottom of car behind fan. squealing

How do you fix a water logged football?

Take a pump, take all the air out and have the ball facing down, then put new air in it and have it dry outside.

Water pump maintenance?

Water pump maintenance involves the processes of sanitizing the pump, winterizing the pump system and troubleshooting the problems encountered by the water pump. Sanitizing ensures constant delivery a fresh water flow. The winterizing ensures that no freezing occurs while troubleshooting entails the repair processes of the pumpÕs breakdown.

Why does fresh water paramecium have to pump water continually out of itself?

So that Osmoregulation occurs which is the control of water balance for adaptation in such environment

What is the negative suction head of the pump?

it occurs when surface of water is below the level of pumping unit

Symptoms of bad water pumps?

your car will over heat and it will drain out the antifreeze (in your radiator). The water pump will drain fluid from the small hole in the water pump (hard to see) but if u look under and near the water pump you would see fluid. The water pump is normally found in the center of the serpentine belt on one of the pullies. Normally the cars serpentine belt will squeak from the antifreeze on the belt. if you are replacing the water pump you would need a water pump...a gasket for water pump and a new serpentine belt (dont buy a Napa belt)

How do you drain water logged well pump for house?

OK,I assume that your pump needs to be removed from the well and the pump and water line is full of water and heavy.I had the same problem and sorry to say there is no easy way.What you need to do is get a good grip on the water line leading into the well.You may have a nylon rope attached to the pump itself,dont pull on this it may break.Get a few of your stronger friends to pull up on the water line,pull together it will be heavy,until the pump is above the water level in the well.This will allow the water in the pump and the water line to drain out.Then it should come out with little effort.

What kind of symptoms would my cars engine be doing if the water pump or thepowersteering pump or timing belt malfunctioning?

If the water pump is bad, it will leak and your car will overheat. If the Power steering pump is broken the steering will be very hard and if the timing belt malfunctions, your car will stop running.

What does it mean when there are Short intervals between activation of a well pump usually means that the system is?

The pressure tank is likely "water logged". It has lost the air inside the pressure tank.

What is the mechanism inside the motor which you used to pump water?

Water pumpWater pump

How do you tell if the water pump is going out on a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Typical symptoms could include pump noise, pump leaking coolant through it's weep hole, or engine overheating. Generally when you replace the timing belt, you'll want to replace the water pump while you're around the area. This is certainly not a rule, but in my experience 100k miles is a good lifespan for a water pump.

How do you check if water pump is going out on 2000 Trans Am?

There are a few symptoms, though most symptoms could be other cooling system problems Like a Radiator with clogged passageways, a bad thermostat, a blown head-gasket. etc... Indicators are coolant temps higher than normal, a slight whine under the hood, overheating. A good way to check it is to find the weep hole on the water pump. It is a little port that "weeps" or drips when the pump is about to fail. The weep hole should be on the underside of the water pump.

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump in a 2002 Nissan Altima?

The emission of the black smoke from the exhaust is one of the symptoms pf a bad fuel pump in a 2002 Nissan Altima. Failure of the cranks to fire is another bad symptoms of a bad fuel pump.

Ford Taurus is overheating and heater is only blowing hot air when moving?

If the coolant level is good, this one has all the symptoms of a failing water pump. The fins on a water pump tend to wear away - and without the coolant movement... Yeah, it's a water pump. See "Related Questions" below for more

What is the deference between fuel pump and water pump?

Fuel pump is what pumps gas to engine. Water pump is what pump water in engine

What are symptoms of a bad fuel pump on a 2002 GMC Sonoma 4.3 liters?

what are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump on a 2002 GMC Sonoma 4.3 liters?

What is the differences between water pump and mud pump?

the main one is that the water pump, pumps water and the mud pump decides to pump mud.

Why is water pump needed in a fish tank?

A water pump is needed to pump in fresh water.

Fuel in potable water pump can the pump ever be salvaged again to pump water?

No. Once you pump anything but potable water with that pump, it's not good for pumping potable water.

What are the symptoms of a broken heat pump on a used 1.5 rheen air conditioner?

Symptoms of a broken heat pump can vary. They can include a drop in temperature, leaks, and noises.

Pool pump pressure leak?

Do you mean that you have a leak between the the pump and the filter? Or anywhere after the pump and not before the pump. What are the symptoms? Be more elaborate. Can't help you with so little go by. Do you mean you have a leak in the pressure side of the pools plumbing? Are you losing water? Is the water just not moving as it should? All have different answers. Try ro be more specific.

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump relay on a 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Fuel pump will not run.