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If you truly love something set it free! In this case those words were never so true. You had ample opportunity to tell him how you felt long before he was getting married. He has made a life choice, so don't ruin it for him and wish him the best and move on. First, a crush and true love are vastly different things. Because this person has made the life-changing choice to marry someone he loves, the high road would be not to tell him, unless you think the marriage as truly a mistake. Othewise, love him enough to let him realize his own dreams.

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What does it mean when you dream about a person you love getting married?

Getting married to someone else? I think it means your scared about losing them.

What are the advantages of getting married at a right age?

there is no right age to get married. It depends on the 2 people who are getting married. age has nothing to do with it. If you love the person and you know you are ready to be married then do it.

What does it mean when you dream of someone you love getting married to someone else?

There could be several meanings. If the dreamer has a crush on a celebrity or on some other person who is not interested in a relationship with the dreamer, then the dream is demonstrating the foolishness of the crush. On the other hand, if the dreamer is in a committed relationship with the person, the dream suggests feelings of insecurity, and personal doubt.

If you are getting married and you are playing around with another person is that cheating?

yes.because if you are about to get married to the person that you love a lot, and then you go and mess around with another person, yes you are definetly cheating on him or her

Is it love or just a crush?

Crush. Because u cant fall in love until you have been with a person for a while.

Does crush mean love?

No. Many young people think it does, but a crush is not love. It is liking someone a whole lot. You can have a "crush" and not know the person, but to really love someone you need to know them.

What can i do to get my crush to love me?

It depends on the person to love you back or not. But first you have to let them know you love them.

Is it wrong to have a crush on someone if you are married?

You do not control whom you fall in love with. However, you do control whether you pursue those feelings. I hope for your mates sake, that you retreat from the "crush" as you did commit to this person for the long haul.

What do you do when the person you love and you were both together once is marrying someone else?

Find someone who truly loves you and marry that person. If the person you once loved and loved you back is getting married, then that person does not truly love you because that person would have married you and not that other person. He/she would've stayed with you instead.

Michael Jackson would have married Beyonce?

No, he just had a crush on her, it wasn't love.

What do you do when you love someone but at the same time you have crush?

Well love and crush are 2 different things if you love someone then your heart belongs to them if you have a crush on someone then you like them and they make you laugh so if i were you and i loveed someone but at the same time i had a crush on someone i would choose the person i love .

When is selena gomez getting married?

she is not sure when she is getting married but she said she would love to married at the age of 23

A goof friend has a crush on a elementary friend?

Tell the person you love them then ask them if they love you.

What is the first love?

The first person you fall in love with or first crush. -Shannon, 16

How do you get a relationship with your crush?

Get closer to a person you have crush on. Try to attract her or his attention. Show your love. Make him/ her falling in love to you. BE CONFIDENT THAT YOU CAN!!! Try to be honest to say "I love you" to her or himHope this help :)

What do you do if you are married but fall in love in a bachelor with?

You will have to take divorce than get married to the person you love.

Is Crush by David Archuleta a beauty song?

no. its a song about having a crush and how you feel about that person. its a typical love song. =]

What part of speech is crush?

The word crush is a regular verb. It can also be a noun such as a short term love for a person.

Can a teen have a long relationship and end up getting married to that person?

yh sure! ! y not...IF that's true LOVE.. : )

What does it mean to dream that the person you love is getting married to someone else?

The dream suggests that you feel you are missing important opportunities.

How do you make a person love you?

You can't MAKE anyone love you. Love is a choice and a person either loves your or they don't.Become friends with your crush and love may grow out of that.

What does a mad crush mean?

I believe that it means to be madly in love with a person

What is the correct meaning of crush?

a person you like or love secretly or openly.

Can you love someone who you don't really know in person so is it just a crush?

I think it is a crush you think you love but you dont you can only really love someone if you spend time with them and know them well as a person and you cant love someone who you see walking around or who is famous.

What is the difference between like crush and love?

Crush is when you like someone, its for a short period of time. its when you start thinking about them. and you want to know everything about them but love is when the person becomes the reason to live, the person you cant live without, the person you can do anything for them :)