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Have a meaningful heart-to-heart talk with your parents regarding your relationship with them. Discuss the issues that concern you and listen carefully to your parents responses.
Be prepared to change your plans and live elsewhere.

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Q: How do you tell your strict parents your fiance and you are moving in?
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How do you tell your parents you're moving in with your boyfriend?

Just tell them! They're your parents, they should understand by now that you're old enough to move in with you boyfriend. But if your parents are super strict and you're sure that they won't approve of it, then forget about it.

Should I tell my ex fiance's parents that I dumped her because she is sleeping with her brother-in-law?

No, you should not tell your ex fiance's parents why you left her unless they are giving you a hard time or ruining your reputation. They will find out soon enough. You should just look after 'you' and you did by break up with your fiance.

What if you have strict parents and a boy wants to go out with you?

Tell the truth. You can say: "I wish I could, but my extremely strict parents don't allow dating."

How do you tell your parents they too strict?

If your parents are "too strict", I wouldn't recommend you telling them they are.. Even the nicest of ways could be offensive to them. But of course - only you know your parents. Tell them as nice as possible (if you have too). Good luck!

You want to take your girlfriend to the movies how do you tell your parents?

Just tell them. There is nothing wrong with taking your girlfriend to the movies, unless you have REALLY strict parents.

How can you tell if a parent is too strict?

Some parents say no to EVERYTHING out of fear of spoiling.

What if your strict parents tell you to choose between them and your baby?

Every case is different. If your parents are maliciously cruel, choose your baby.

Why won't my fiance tell his parents he's engaged?

It's possible your fiance's parents may not want him to get married and would rather he is settled into his education; career before thinking of marriage. Communication is the key in any good relationship and it's time for you to sit down with your fiance and tell him that together you are going to tell his parents you are engaged. If he refuses then he's immature and if over 18 he is no longer a minor and should be able to make his own decisions and if he does refuse then give him the engagement ring back.

What do you do if your parents are way too strict?

You have to be honest with them. They may not like it, but you can tell them you feel like a prisoner in their home.

If you under 14 up and your parents are really strict how do you tell them you are pregnant?

Tell them the truth - including that you might have to leave their home if they feel you "embarrassed" the family.

How can you tell if your fiance is ready for a child?

Ask him!

Should you tell his fiance that he cheated with you?

What is the point.

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