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How do you test a back pressure transducer?

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make sure you have vaccum to the transducer, i believe there will be 2 hoses coming from the throttle body. make sure that the metal line that connects to the bottom of the transducer is not clogged with carbon. if you have vaccum and that line is clear, take the hose that goes to the egr vsv solenoid off the transducer and rev the engine up. if it is good you will have vaccum through the transducer, if its bad no vaccum will be there.


2011-06-08 13:13:04
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What is the purpose of a pressure transducer?

A pressure transducer measures pressure, specifically that of gases or liquids. Such pressure sensors are used in the measurement and control of thousands of everyday applications. A pressure transducer is just that; a transducer - it generates a signal due to the pressure imposed.

What is pressure transducer?

please give a simple defineatoin of transducer.

Ware is the low pressure switch?

This vehicle does not have a low pressure switch. It has a pressure transducer instead. The pressure transducer is located on the refrigerant line next to the alternator pulley.

What is a compound pressure transducer?

Transducer (i.e. a device for converting energy from one form to another) for both vacuum and positive pressure.

Where is the ac low pressure switch located on a 1993 Pontiac Grand AM?

On a 1993 Grand Am (and most other GM front drivers) there is no low pressure switch, instead it has a thermal expansion valve system with a "pressure transducer" located on the high pressure hose. The pressure transducer sends a square wave digital signal to the PCM, which can calculate high side pressure in PSI through a mathematical formula, which in turn sends a signal to the a/c compressor clutch relay to turn on if the pressure is within the set parameters. The a/c pressure transducer cannot be checked with a test light or such, you WILL short the computer if you try!!

What is a delta pressure sensor?

It is a slang tern given to a Differential Pressure Sensor or Transducer.

Is Pressure transducer electrical device or electronics device?

electrical device

What is the purpose of vantage meter transducer package?

The vantage meter, sold by Snap-On is used for numerous automotive diagnostics. The transducer package is used for pressure measurements. (Fuel pressure, oil pressure, combustion chamber compression, manifold vacuum, etc.)

Speaker is electronic transducer?

Technically, a transducer is defined as a device, which converts other sources of energy such as heat, mechanical, pressure etc. into electrical energy, i.e., the output of a transducer is always electrical energy. Since, a speaker converts electrical energy into sound energy, it is not a transducer.

Is the piezoresistive transducer a pressure transducer?

Yes. The piezoresistive effect was first applied to commercial pressure transducers, and remains very popular. However, many other sensors have been developed using this semiconductor property.

What is the meaning of transducer?

A transducer converts one form of energy, or signal, to another. For instance, a microphone converts sound pressure waves to a voltage. A speaker is also a transducer. It does exactly the opposite, converting a voltage to sound waves.

What you mean by cold differential set pressure of a safety valve?

cold differential test pressure -The inlet static pressure at which a pressure relief valve is adjusted to open on the test stand. This test pressure includes corrections for service conditions of superimposed back pressure and/or temperature.

How a Transducer work?

That depends on what it transduces: pressure, temperature, light, radioactivity, etc.

What are pressure transducers used for?

A pressure transducer is sometimes referred to as a pressure sensor, pressure transmitter or piezometers, to name a few. They are used to measure pressure, or force, of gasses or liquids.

What is the purpose of oil sending unit?

Oil sending unit is really a misnomer. Although "it" is a unit, "it" does not send oil anywhere. What "IT" really is, is a pressure transducer. A pressure transducer is a device that "reads" or senses the hydraulic pressure of your engine's oil. That changes "it's" internal electrical resistance in proportion to that pressure. Let's say, the higher the pressure, the lower the resistance.

What is difference between transducer and transmitter?

today the general rule of thumb is that if the pressure sensor has a millivolt (e.g. 30mV or 100mV) or non-amplified output it is a pressure transducer. If the pressure sensor has a voltage (e.g. 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or 1-5Vdc) output it is an amplified voltage output pressure transducer. If a pressure sensor has a current loop output (e.g. 2 wire 4-20mA or 3 wire 0/4-20mA) it is a pressure transmitter. Simply we can tell as Transducer: Any physical Quantity is converted into Electrical Signal. Transmitter: to make the amplified RF electrical signal to radiation with help of Electric and maganetic signal.

List of active transducer?

thermocouple,piezoelectric transducer,photoelectric transducer.

Is there another name for car AC pressure transducer?

there is another name for this car so comment it

What is hydro test pressure?

A test pressure whcih is used to perform hydro test is known as hydro test pressure, besically the hydro test pressure is more then the design pressure of pipe, tank, pressure vessel ..................

What is an IP transducer?

An I/P transducer is a device that converts a 4-20mA current (I) signal into a pressure (P) signal of 3-15psi or 20-100kPa usually to operate pneumatic control valves.

What is an optical transducer?

Theramal transducer

Who invented transducer?

transducer was invented by

Where is the AC low pressure switch located on 2008 Dodge Ram 3500?

There isn't one. This system uses an evaporator temperature probe and a high side pressure transducer. The temp probe is on the evaporator in the HVAC box, and the transducer is screwed into the discharge line under the hood.

LBDT is used as which transducer?

displacement transducer

What is prncipal of transducer?

The basic principle of a transducer: A transducer which converts a physical quantity to the electrical quantity.