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Disconnect wires from motor and check to see if you have power and ground going to motor--if so motor is bad if not have to check wiring and switch to that motor

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Q: How do you test a power window motor?
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How do you fix a window stuck in your car?

First test to see if the problem is the switch, wiring, or the motor. Here's how replace the regulator if the switch and wiring test good. Here's how

How to Troubleshoot power window motor problems for a Mazda MPV?

check power going to the switch , and power coming out of the switch ,if no power check fuses and wiring for open or shorts , then remove door panel and bench test the motor basically put power to the window motor

How do you tell if the window regulator motor or switch is bad?

Use a test light to see if the motor is getting power. If it is then motor is bad. If it is not getting power "jump" the wires on the switch to see if window will operate, is so switch is bad

How do you replace power window motor on 1993 Sunbird?

power window motor removal 93 sunbird

How do you test a power window motor while it is still in the door to see if it is good?

You have to access the motor to test it but it probably is bad. The brushes in the botor hangup a lot and when this happens it quits.

Why does the drivers side power window not work on a chrysler?

You have to diagnose it by process of elimination. Check the master switch, check for power at the master switch, check the wiring for damage where door hinges, test for power at the motor, test the motor, etc.

How do you replace the power window motor in a 93 grand am?

how to replace1994 grand drivers side power window motor

How do you replace power window motor 1987 Dodge pickup?

replace 1987 dodge pickup/power window motor

How do you troubleshoot Chevy cavalier power window motor?

Check power to window switch. Common cause. Check power to window motor. If none then check fuses/relays.

How do i get my windows up when the buttons dont work on a 95 poniac grand am?

Sounds like you have a bad power window motor. If that is not the case then the switches could be bad. Check them out with a test light to see if they are sending a signal. If they are then replace the power window motor.

Why will the Window not come up?

wire lose? bad motor if its power. could be a number of things. do you hear the motor if it is a power window?

How do you replace power window motor from a 2002 dodge intrepit?

Replacing 2002 Dodge power window motor driver side

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