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sit in the drivers seat and close all the doors, then arm the alarm and wait (while not moving) for approx 1min then move around and the alarm should go off

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โˆ™ 2006-02-24 17:20:44
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Q: How do you test the anti theft alarm system in a golf?
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How do you reset the alarm system in a VW 1997 Golf GTI?

close the bonnet and then lock the doors

How can the anti-theft alarm on a 1999 VW Golf be disabled while you are working on it?

Try disconnecting the negative battery cable from the battery. You can remove the fuse in the fuse block however don't forget to put it back in or the car won't start good luck

How do you know what fuse to pull to disable alarm system in 1996 Volkswago Golf?

a lot of the time the alarm fuse is shared is so can't pull it (sorry)

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Where can you find the fuse for the factory alarm on a 1995 Golf GTI?

VW dealership

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How do to reset mk3 golf gti alarm after flattened battery?

Open and close the bonnet !!

Where is the alarm siren on golf gti mk5?

under the drivers wheel arch liner, why ?

How disconnect the alarm on a 1994 golf?

On a 1994 VW Golf, the alarm can be turned off by disconnecting the smaller of two connectors coming from the Comfort Control Module. The Comfort Control Module is located behind the dashboard, to the left of the steering column.

How much is it to replace an alarm horn on a Golf TDI 56 plate?

it`s about 69 dollars

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What type of alarm comes standard on golf gti MK2?

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How do you program your key less entry and alarm remote on your 2004 Volkswagen Golf?

You can't. Only the dealer or independent garage can retrieve the security code via the GEKO system from the factory. Independents must pay for the service to access.

What might cause your Vw golf car alarm to go off for no apparent reason?

someone or something to pass by it or touch it

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How do you disconnect your alarm on your mark 4 VW golf?

The alarm system is integrated into the Comfort Control Module and cannot be disabled, it is behind the dash under and to the left of the steering column I believe. there are two electrical connectors going to it. one is the main harness for all the interior electronics and such. Then there is a smaller connector which the alarm portion of the module uses to flash the lights and sound the horn. This plug can be disconnected with no ill effects. The alarm will essentially be "disabled" but you will still hear a clicking coming from a relay in the Comfort Module anytime the alarm would usually sound, usually lasting for 30 seconds.

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