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It not an expensive part.. cheap enough to replace if you suspect a problem. But if you must check it, you can hook it up to a 12V battery and get any off the shelf pressure tester.

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Q: How do you test the pressure fuel pump on a 1988 ford f-350 with a 460?
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Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on the ford f350?

where is the fuel pressure regulator 2006 ford f350

Does the f350 ford 460 engine have fuel injection?

Starting with the 1988 model it did

Does the Ford F350 run better with regular fuel or diesel fuel?

The Ford F350's take diesel fuel in most instances unless they have been modified to take regular fuel. Be sure to check your owners manual to see which kind of fuel your truck takes.

1988 ford ranger xlt how many fuel pump does it have?

The 1988 model has 2 fuel pumps. A low pressure fuel pump is located in the tank and a high pressure fuel pump is mounted to the frame on the driver's side, under the cab.

What is the fuel tank capacity of a 2004 Ford F350?

2 gallons

What is the part number for the 1988 Ford Bronco fuel pressure regulator with a 351w engine?

Motorcraft ( CM 4764 ) according to motorcraft . com ( no spaces ) new fuel pressure regulator for a 1988 Ford Bronco 351 cubic inch

What should the fuel pressure be on an 1988 ford mustang 5.0 lx?

I BELIEVE that is 39 PSI

Where is the fuel pump relay in a 94 Ford F350 4X4 5.8L?

The fuel pump relay allows the pump to be turned on and off. In a 1994 Ford F350 4X4 5.8L, the fuel pump relay is located under the hood and inside the fuse box.

Where do i find a Ford F350 diesel Fuel system diagram?

If you are the owner of a Ford F350, you should check your owner's manual. If you do not own the vehicle you can either check online at the Ford website, or visit your closest Ford dealership.

Where is the fuel injection pressure regulator located on a 03 f350?

The fuel injector pressure regulator is located in the injector fuel pump. Most pressure regulators cannot be separated from the fuel injector pump.

How much fuel pressure should a 1988 Ford Bronco II have?

the pressure should be between 35 and 42 psi in the fuel rail. It has a valve like the one for air in the tires to measure the fuel pressure.... MOA.

Does a 1995 ford f350 with duel tanks have electric fuel pumps?

I believe it does

What is the F350 7.3 Fuel pump pressure rating?

47 to 60 PSI!

02 ford f350 diesel manual?

Where is the water drain for the Water in Fuel light?

What is the fuel capacity for a 2006 ford F350 Diesel?

29 or 38... Pending your wheelbase.

How big is the fuel tanks on a 1997 ford f350?

one fuel tank is 14 gallons and other fuel tank is 16 gallons

Where is the fuel rail pressure sensor on a Ford F350?

Ok, so first, you want to look at the wheels, then take a big crap. That's how you tell what your crap looks like.

Fuel pump pressure on 1989 ford f350 7.5l?

rail pressure is 28 to 35 psi....pump pressure is is higher ,airtex e 2000 for example is aprox 95 psi but your rail fuel regulator just sends the left over fuel back to the tank..if you us a pump that is to low in pressure the engine will starv under load.

Fuel shut off switch 1996 ford e 350?

1987 Ford F350 want stay running

2000 Ford Taurus has fuel pressure but no fire?

Yes, the 2000 Ford Taurus can have fuel pressure but no fire. If the fuel pressure is okay, it is usually important to check the fuel injectors.?æ

Does a 1985 ford f350 with dual tanks have electric fuel pumps?

yes in the tank each tank has its oen fuel pump

Where is fuel pressure sensor on 98 ford windstar?

There is no fuel pressure sensor.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on a 1989 ford ranger?

The 1989 Ford Ranger fuel pressure regulator can be found on the top of the engine. The fuel pressure regulator will be behind the fuel injector pump.

Releasing fuel pressure on a 1999 Ford Explorer?

Wheres the fuel pressure release valve on the 1999 Ford Explorer?

I have a 1988 Ford F350 with a 7.3 non turbo idi diesel engine. It died driving down the road. It cranks fine with good speed but will not start. I have no fuel at the injectors.?

Your fuel shut off selinoil on the pump is not opening take the pin out..