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fisrt you need to get a Ford baler I recomend looking at aution fliers in the Midwest [much more time comsumeing then eBay] If this step takes long enough you may never have to make hay just keep going to auctions. Once you have the baler you will need to have a tractor to power it I recomend inheriting one from your gampa or pa if this is not possible you will probably have to borrow one, as a last resort buy one . Next make sure you have twine loaded in the twine bin wich is located at the rear of the baler [the door that opens up] you will need two bales rolls of twine one for each side of the bale. As you stand behind this compartment look to the lower left side you will see two clamps held in place with a wingnut over a tensioner spring behind this is the hole the twine goes thru loop the twine thru the loosened tensioner and let it fall through the hole so it hangs below the compartment towards the ground. At this point it helps to have a partner I recomend having one of your children help you, that way they will know how to thread a ford baler it will also give them the chance to increase their vocbulary of words not to us in school. If you don't have a helper don't give up! Crawl under the baler [wait] befor you can finish this the baler has to be hooked up to the tractor draw bar and the PTO shaft needs to be hooked up be sure all guards are in place. Now slide gently under the twine compartment to where you have pushed the twine thru the hole pull out 3 or 4 feet of twine you partner at this time should make sure the twine doesn,t tangle uo in the compartment front hole is for left side of bale rear whole is for right side , also when you put the spools of twine in be sure the twine spools out the center and up thru the top of the spool. If as you lay under the baler pulling out the twine thru these holes it should come out freely if it doesn,t tell the kid to give you some slack. Now as you look to the left side of the baler you will see two arch shaped thick pieces of steel called the needles depending on wich part of the rotation the baler stoped moveing at you mabe able to see the front part of them for as the baler cycles they will come all the way free of the bottom of the baler if you can see the front of the needles you will notice a hole in the front of each if the front of the needles are not visible you will need to cycle the baler by turning the flywheel do this manualy and have the kid watch and tell you when the front of the needles come free of the bottom of the baler now thread the twine thru the whole in the front of the needles left twine for left side right for right pull several feet of twine thru and let it lay on the ground, Now if you don't have a windrow of hay ready to bale this process cannot be completed if you do however you may tighten up the wingnuts over the tensioner springs until the twine pulls free but without free spooling it does need some tension. The baler now needs to be brought up to the windrow of hay and engauged let it start making a bale the first one wont tie but it will bring the twine up to the knotter wich are on top of the bale compressing area opposite the bottom where the needles are basically at this point if all is working correctly the second bale will tie perfectly as the needles feed the twine the knotters wich self feed . Then you are done if the second bale doent tie sqirt some wd40 on the knotters and adjust the bale knotter timing so you are making very small bales and run thru a fairly good piece of windrow even if it doesnt tie correctly rite away keep going for a while it may loosen up a stuck knotter and start working .

be sure you gease all the zerk before you start

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Q: How do you thread a Ford 542 hay baler?
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