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How do you tighten alternator belt on 1992 Infiniti G20?

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2015-07-15 19:04:23
2015-07-15 19:04:23

This is fairly easy. If you look at the top pully you will see a long screw, this is how you tighten the belt. First you must losten the bolt on the side of the bracket that holds the long screw, after doing so then you may tighten the belt. remember to re tighten the tension bolt or it will become loose again. It is the same for the other belt also.

Below is postscript to answer listed above by other donor:

Actually, you are half right. First you loosen the pivot bolt that goes through the base of the alternator. This bolt is accessible from under the passenger side wheel well. Then you loosen the bolt aiming horizontally through the alternator bracket, this bolt is up top. You then tighten the long bolt that is aiming diagonally to the ground. At this point, the bolt pushes away from the engine, tightening the belt. Next, tighten the horizontal bolt, then the pivot bolt from under the wheel well. I just love when people try to help, then give wrong answers like dude above did. Lesson, if you do not know, don't answer.

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There is a tensioner bolt that is connected to the alternator. You have to screw in the bolt, which will pull the alternator out and tighten the belt.

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Serpentine belt? You may have to remove to tighten alternator

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what tools do i need to put alternator belt on infiniti j30 1993 3.0 liter

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You will need to loosen the tensioner pulley. Put the alternator belt on. Push the tensioner pulley to the left until the alternator belt is tight. Tighten down the tensioner pulley.

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