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The belts on the '92 are the same as any other car for the alternator and it is easy. Loosen the main alternator bolt that holds the alt. to the block. DO NOT REMOVE IT! Loosen the small bolt near the top of the alternator, lean the alt. into the block and remove the belt. Put it in a place that you will know which one it is, they are almost the same size! Then remove the power steering belt in the same manner. You will have to loosen the bolts from the bottom and utilize the round holes in the pulley for your socket, as well as from the top side for the tensioning bolt. Set THAT belt in another area so you don't mix them up. I don't have AC, so I assume that the belt for it is similar. They can be a bear getting them over the fan, watch your knuckles! Once you are sure of which new belt is which, install each belt in reverse of the way they came off. I tension the belts with a large screwdriver against the block, using it as a lever to make the belt have about 1/2" movement at the middle point in the belt. Tighten the alternator top bolt first, and then the block bolt. The Power Steering belt is more difficult, but follow the step to remove it in reverse. AC belt, the same as you took it off in reverse.

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Q: How do you tighten the belts on a 1992 Geo Tracker?
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