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Answer CT 70 timingIts been about 20 years seince ive had mine . rugged and compact I might add.If you've removed the timing chain or any sprockets assoc . the whole timing system has timing marks on the sprockets and other places near by witch must be alligned upon reassembly .. also in the points area a screw or 2 needs to be loosened in order to advance or retard spark by twisting the whole assembly.lots of good memorys, hope you can carry on .. Derrick in Houston..P.S check the flywheel for marks
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Q: How do you time a Honda ct 70 trail 70?
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How do you remove cam cover on a Honda ct 70?

How to remove the timing chain cover on a honda ct 70 trailbike on the opposit side of the head there is a small 10mm bolt right above the spark plug turn it counterclockwise and the cap on the opposite side should fall off (be carfull to watch for oil driping out behind it)

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As far as I can see from the serial numbers this bike can be a 1969, a 1970 or a 1971 model. Check again for a VIN number and an engine number. These bikes were manufactured for many years and more information is necessary to identify it precisely.

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this site has some options down the page

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