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Every woman wants a toned and shaped butt. I get emails all the time asking how to do it. While it isn't as simple as finding one magic exercise, there are a few you can do to maximize your progress. Check it out. So you want to tone and shape your butt. You've been doing the same exercises for ages and want something different. These 3 exercises are great ways to kickstart your butt toning routine or re-ignite your training progress if you are stuck on a plateau. 3. Don't fear the heavy squat

Women fear squats because they think it is going to build huge massive legs. However, I am a firm believer that you really need to push your muscles beyond the normal levels to see a change in your butt and legs. The heavy squat and/or leg press is a great way to do that. 2. Dynamic step ups

I have so many parks near my house and I often run to them and find different places to do step ups. Dynamic step ups is the name I give to this little workout I do where I run around and find different surfaces to do step ups on. For example, at any given park you have a bench and some tables. There is two surfaces already. You might then find a creek ledge, small bridge, small fence/wall, stairs, etc. The possibilities are endless. As long as the surface is stable it will be a good butt workout. Run around and do a few sets on each. 1. Run up hills

One of the absolute best ways you can tone and shape your butt and your whole lower body for that matter is to run up hills. The incline that the hill provides adds some amazing resistance to the workout and puts your body on an angle that really pushes your glutes muscles. It is also a powerful fat burner. All in all this is one of my favorite lower body exercises. Conclusion

These three methods are very powerful and will really bring some progress. Make sure you keep your diet clean and work on your cardio as fat loss is the major aspect of whether your body looks toned or not. {if you need anymore help you can search me up on wikianswers as demia or email me at or

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Q: How do you tone your butt so that it has a butt crease?
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